Geranium-like Weed, Variegated?

arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)April 22, 2012

I have spent an hour or so on weed i.d. sites and had no luck. What is this weed, plse? It looks almost identical to a Rozanne type geranium, shiny dark green leaves with a little lighter grey veining/spotting variegation. It has a central crown and runners that spread out.It is not Carolina geranium.

thx so much for your help. I prob have asked this in previou yrs; sorry.


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A picture would help.

By googling photos of the 2 gereaniums you mention, and thinking of the multitude of weeds that are currently in bloom in my yard - the only guess I come up with is Shepherds Purse.

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The best way to find old GW conversations is to use a google search like so:

weed geranium arbo_retum

Which quickly found this old answer:

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Another way is to save all your GW replies in a mail folder and then search that.

That method is good if old conversations roll off the GW servers and are not found in google. However, GW doesn't seem to purge old stuff as much as they used to.

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runktrun(z7a MA)

I was just reading in 'Weeds of the Northeast' that Ranuculus bulbosus Plants overwinter as corms but reproduce by seed and flowers and fruit appear from April to July. I suppose if you want to make a dent on eradicating this bugger you need to start now.

Does anyone have a plan for eradicating that X#@&*!! Hairy Bittercress.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

wendy, you continue to be soooo helpful! i have saved the technique, so thank you! and yes, ranunculus repens is still what i have!boy, do i wish i could wave a magic wand and turn ranunculus repens into veronica repens!!
thx so much, wendy,

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Here's a photo.

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Mindy, et als,

another cool search tip for research is to use the .edu tag to filter out a lot of .com nonsense.

ranunculus repens

Glad I don't have that weed. Garlic mustard is my early spring nemesis. Pulls out easily but seems never-ending. Trying to get it all before it flowers.

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Yep, get it while you can Mindy. It spreads and loves to root in the middle of another plant. When I try to pull it out it feels like it's cemented in. Nasty little weed that unfortunately does not stay in its little place.

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i asked about this year and went with the creeping buttercup i.d.

I had 2 huge areas of it. I just kept yanking and pulling up the long runners as best I could. A few weeks later, i'd see some new shoots and pull some more, repeat. Eventually I got like 95% of it, so threw down grass seed and watered. So far so good, I've only seen a minuscule sprig or two so far this year and am hoping the broadleaf weed killer will get it.

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gaia6b(z6B MA)

Every year I deal with the same weed. It has a very clever disguise! Even now, knowing what I know, I may wait a little longer to pull it - before it becomes completely clear that it's not a wayward geranium! I am in good company, I see. :)

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