Snow Fountain Cherry didn't bloom

Jazmyn(Z5 Ohio)August 25, 2004

Hello all,

Last spring I bought my mom a snow fountain cherry tree, and it's growing like a weed. The tree was just done blooming when i bought it for her on mother's day last year.

However, this spring it didn't bloom at all. it got bundles of little florettes on it, but they were not the showy white blossoms that I was expecting. The tree looks very healthy, with lots of leaves, lots of new starts that I prune now and then to keep it's shape.

Is there something I should do now to make sure it blooms next spring?

thanx in advance for any help.

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ohiogdnr(5b OH)

It may have gotten nipped by a frost. The cherries bloom so early that sometimes they get damaged right at the time we expect a big show! If it leafed out well this year and grew well, it will bloom next spring. Most years they bloom well. Be patient!

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Jazmyn(Z5 Ohio)'s now mid may, and once again the tree has stubbornly refused to bloom. It did the same thing this year - it got tons of little bud clusters on it, and they've turned into little false-blooms (pale green, with a single stamen-like central hub).

my patience is wearing thin. This is the 3rd season it's refused to bloom. My mom wanted a beautiful weeping cherry covered with white blossoms....and she's gotten a trunk with long trailers, covered with lovely leaves in the summer, yes, but....


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granny57(6 Ohio)

Don't know anything about trees, But maybe it needs a pollinator. Is it the same tree you looked at in the nursery? I would go back where you bought it and see if they can solve the mystery.

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My weeping cherry bloomed beautifully its first spring. This year, it had tons of buds but very few of them bloomed. Now it has leafed out. Does anybody have any ideas about why it would do this? Did the previous poster ever get a blooming tree?

Here is a link that might be useful: Four Green Acres

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Jazmyn(Z5 Ohio)

Nope, i still have the tree, and it has never bloomed, in 5 years. I've asked and been told to "be patient". Well, for a $113 well-grown snow fountain cherry, I've about had my fill of it.

further suggestions always welcome.

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