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pontyrogof(8b)August 22, 2010


I just moved here about two weeks ago, from a much less green life for a few years in a rented condo in Fairfax VA.

I joined Good Foods Co-op, the Kentucky Native Plant Society, and now this forum to connect with local people into conservation and organic agriculture. I'm still very tired from the move, but I'm assembling my composter today and as soon as I can, I will start the process of replacing my lawn with native plants. I like ornamental grasses that don't look like I forgot to mow. I've been discouraged to see so many non-native and even invasive plants for sale in this city. Please steer me in better directions.

Thanks for reading!


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Sorry it's taken so long to respond....I don't check this forum very often anymore. I'm originally from Lex, but now live in Versailles (about 20 min from your part of town). Check out Gardenside Natives. If you are on facebook, you can search for them there, or there's a link below. They're a nice, local place to get plants, and very close to Southland. Also there's a nursery a little farther away called Shooting Star Nursery that only sells KY native species. Their hours of operation are kind of sporadic (they do mostly mail-order business) but you can find them via Google and contact them and set up an appointment. And, you should mosey down to the Farmers' Market on Sunday and see if anyone is selling plants.

I might also be able to get you some native grasses, if that's your thing, from a friend of mine who's a PhD student, studying native grasses. I also have some coneflower, black eyed susans, iris, and hollyhocks I could give you, whenever you're ready for them. I just bought my house last Oct so I'm still a work in progress myself.

Also we're having a plant swap Sept 11th in Louisville. It's about 1.5 hr drive from you, but if you're free that morning, it's well worth the drive!


Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenside Natives

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Cheers, Jen! All your info and offers were worth the wait. :) Settling in indeed takes time. I'll be in touch soon about the flowers you offer. I work weekends so the swap isn't an option for me. However, I've met some local arborists recently, so I'm getting hooked up in Lex's native/organic network. :) I seem to remember transplanting grasses is best done late winter, early spring, before they wake up again, after they've been cut back, but I will research this again. Grasses are my thing. And anything in the daisy family. I'm studying up on many of the specimens exhibited at the Arboretum. Thanks for the link!!!


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