Cameron comes to call

inkognitoMarch 13, 2012

on Obama. They will discuss Afghanistan and other disasters they have helped to create and I understand in the customary exchange of gifts Obama was presented with a rare collection of Churchill memorabilia and Cameron received some DVD's, among them a boxed set of Adam Sandler movies and a signed copy of 'Game Change' neatly presented in a Wallmart bag.

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Perhaps they can dine on some quintessentially American meal, maybe some half-warm Big Macs made with "pink slime", a couple of side salads made from greens imported from Mexico possibly contaminated with E. coli, and slurp it down with some Coca Colas full of high fructose corn syrup.

Believe me, not that I would want that for Mr. Obama, while I don't think he's the best President of the modern era, he's a great deal better than the alternatives and I certainly want him to stay healthy for at least the next almost 5 years.

I'm merely trying to make a comment about the sad shape of the American diet.

Now, I think I'll go home, be quiet, and consider getting some seeds planted in the greenhouse for some salad greens that won't be full of E. coli.

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I hope he appreciates the Churchill memorabillia

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The right wing blogosphere is going apesh!t over this because the Obamas are calling it a "state dinner" and that should only be called such if it was the queen. Makes me shake my head. They'd probably have a fit if Obama was seen wearing one black and one navy sock. Anything to keep things stirred up.

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What made-up outrage doesn't the right wing blogosphere go nuts over? These are people that don't believe that the State of Hawaii's official document is valid, but do believe that Sarah Palin is fit to have her finger on the nuclear trigger.

Nuts indeed.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

What were they eating, a hot dog? With the works? Mmmm...

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"Nuts" hardly describes the public circus we've been privy to by turning our heads to the right... it's like one of those youtube videos of something absolutely appalling, but you feel somehow compelled to watch it, being unable to turn away! And it keeps on adding to itself...

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I know nothing about Cameron Im sorry to say, but I saw him speak today and I enjoyed his manner and speech.

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Sorry, Ink, your psychic powers failed you.

(From Yahoo News) The president and First Lady Michelle Obama gave their guests a one-of-a-kind Braten 1000 Series Grill, hand made by Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers of Paxton, Illinois, and customized with American and British flags and a special plaque. The basic model retails for $1,895, according to the company's web site.The Camerons also received two White House chef jackets. (Drool, Britannia?) The Cameron kids received personalized American-made bean bag chairs.
Cameron said he had given Obama a table-tennis table.

Do Canadians share our love of outdoor grilling? LOL!

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Obama was not keen on Gordon Brown (Labour) judging by the gifts he gave Brown on his visit hence my dig above. David Cameron (Conservative) seems to have fared much better, there must be a story in there somewhere. It's a 'Special Relationship' doncha know going back at least 200 odd years.

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Funny how close these two seem given Cameron is a conservative and Obama is a die hard socialist ;-)

Duluth, we love outdoor grilling but most call it B B Q'ing. Not to be confused with what y'all call B B Q. Canadians generally know from squat about American B B Q. Very few B B Q restaurants and not many use smokers.....mind you it does seem to be catching on some.

We love both grillin' and smokin'.

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Must have been a major sea change somewhere - believe we called it BBQing back "mid century", too. And it had nothing to do with sauces and rubs, etc. It was simply what you did with anything you could char the life out of outdoors. Back then, even our neighbor, Jack, would have considered the word grilling uppity.

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