marvingardens(6 CentralOH)August 21, 2008

We were doing so good with rain until July. Now my yard is crispy. I can't keep up with the watering, I was hoping Fay would make its way up here, but it doesn't look good.

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It looks like we're getting a little bit of it now -- not that it's doing much here in central Ohio.

It was a long dry stretch there, wasn't it? The faucet at work was broken, and it took 3 weeks to get it fixed. I hauled an awful lot of water out to our little garden, just enough to keep things alive. Not looking as snazzy as it usually does, but I think it will rebound with a little water and some cooler temperatures.

(The positive note is realizing how much our efforts to dig in compost and amendments into this south-facing sandy soil has paid off. If we'd had this long hot dry spell two years ago, we would have lost everything. Go mulch!)

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ohiogdnr(5b OH)

We did some lawn renovation last weekend and this weekend, which guarantees a dry spell! Got the sprinklers running now.

The little spit of rain we had Friday has fooled a lot of people.....cloudy all day and drizzle seems to mean a lot to some folks!

The forcast looks decent for the week though....a few chances for showers. Keep our fingers crossed!

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bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)

I miss the rain. It rains cats and dogs 16 miles west of here, but we don't get a single drop on this side of Central Kentucky. Ike brought us wind that trimmed alot of the dead leaves out of my plants, but the ground is so parched and dry. The weather patterns are all screwed up... too much rain on areas that don't need it and not enough on those that do. We could be worse off with no electricity on the other hand. I just wish it would rain here. It's so sad watching all the vegetation suffer. What's the use in having rain barrels if it doesn't ever rain to fill them back up? :(

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