Two inches of snow on the ground and counting!

cherylcoMarch 7, 2009

It's snowing here in the Cascade Foothills east of Seattle - again! Anywhere else?

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Mary Palmer

No snow here at 500 feet elevation east of Everett near the Cascade foothills.

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Here it's blowing like crazy... snowing off and on but not heavily enough to stick. With the wind though it's not pleasant outside.

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What a weird winter! It was over 70 degrees on my deck yesterday. The willows are leafing.

2" of snow would decimate what's left of the magnolias. Especially if there's any freezing rain. And the poor Eucalypti -- their leaves are straw and falling off. Do Eucs re-leaf as if they're deciduous? Can the twigs push new leaves at the bumps where the old ones are falling off?

No more snow, no more freezing! We need rain, plain mild luscious rain, nice and steady. Please no wind either.

The new grass is coming up luxuriantly but still baby - don't want it to freeze and croak.

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dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)

There I was out in my veggie garden planting potatoes. The wind was blowing and then it contained a few flakes of snow! Nothing much here yet but the weatherman said don't be fooled by the nice sunny weather, there's a risk of snow. I've planted potatoes this early in years gone by and have harvested nugget new potatoes mid May. There's nothing better than a new potato boiled with a sprig of mint and slathered with butter....

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Now it's dumping snow in giant flakes at an astounding rate, and accumulating. But the wind is more like 30mph instead of 50mph.

Cascadians, snow is usually more effective at moistening the soil than rain since it melts gradually and percolates down into the soil. So perhaps you should welcome it. Eucs don't usually releaf from smaller branches but sometimes they will from larger branches and the trunk. You just have to wait and see when it really warms up.

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Thanks Ian. The camphora was so gorgeous. Still green on scratch test, but shedding all leaves. Bumps on twigs where leaves fell off. Wondering how it will re-leaf. Volcanica, nitens, bogong, and scoparias same thing. Spinning wheel is fine. Crenulata is 1/2 damaged, may survive. Bunch of other Eucs look dead. Have to hand-pick zillions of euc leaves off new grass ***sigh***

It isn't even raining here. Had a bit of mist this morning, not even enough to wet the washcloth on the rail through. Supposed to be dry next week. Guess on Monday will have to start deep watering the trees. Yard drains too quickly, creeklets gone into underground springs. The big rock slabs we installed as dams slowed the velocity and erosion so now it's pooling and going underground.

So many plants look like crispy toast. Thinking of replacing with very hardy natives. The temptation to replace with exotics is strong but I hate dead plants, wasted years and money. May leave patches of space for containers to grow veggies. The economy weighs on my conscience and I think we'll all be glad of land to grow our own food very soon.

Ian, if you end up with as much snow as your Mary vs me thread it's gotta be a record-breaker of snowy days.

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Mary Palmer

Spoke too soon, it's now snowing like crazy and sticking, nearly an inch so far so fast! Just re-checked our forecast and it looks like we are in for a cold one/low twenties during the night! Probably just enough to finish off what I thought might make it, NOT lol. I think I need to go cover up my Pseudopanax again! Might see if I can get a photo of Ranunculus Brazen 'Hussy Hussies' blooming in the snow. It's getting brighter out right now and the flakes are smaller, hummmmm!
Burrr Ian glad your wind has simmered down a bit! That make for some pretty unpleasant weather!
Does anyone know if Mahonia lomarifolia will grow back from the roots? The bark twirls and can pretty much fall off all the way to the bottom, so I'm thinking it's not lookin so good.

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It's snowing and blowing here in the foothills east of Kelso (1100 feet altitude). We have about an inch on the ground and are expecting more tonight.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Barbe, didn't need to read that. My elderly mother is in Longview and I've fought with her all winter about staying home when it's slippery or snowy. She's accustomed to 9 AM church tomorrow and lets little stand in the way of her normal routine :(

We've had rain, hail, and an icy uncomfortable wind here on the coast today but no snow as yet. A big change from yesterday when I pulled a few weeds, my neighbors little dog napping on my lawn in the sun next to me.

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sinfonian(U8b A2 S5 SeaWA)

Mixture of snow and hail here in South Snohomish County. Nothing sticking to the roads, but it's pretty outside. Good thing because we're going out in it soon (short trip).

All I got done today was more indoor seed planting. At least it was fun and I got my gardening fix.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinfonian's garden adventure

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

If you're talking about Cinnamomum camphora the camphor tree at the UW in Seattle has frozen down multiple times over the years. There is little or no reason to think one would be hardy in Snohomish. There is reason to think there are plenty of genuinely hardy exotics to be grown there. It's not a matter of having to choose between either tender exotics or hardy natives.

During the 1990 winter there was even some damage to locally native broad-leaved evergreens like madrona and salal.

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A least 1.5" here in north Clark County at about 1000'. jwww

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No significant snow in the Shoreline/Edmonds area although a trace is evident on roofs and lawns to indicate something fell during the night. Just got an email from a friend in the Marysville area and he reports 3 inches and still falling as of about 30 minues ago.

Was on Bainbridge all day yesterday and the weather was pretty nice - rather mild (didn't really need a jacket), broken clouds, patches of sun. Got a little hail squall that passed through quickly but that was it.

Odd how the weather can be so variable just a short distance away from one location to another :-)

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novita(SWB.C. z8)

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning - back to winter wonderland! Snowed like crazy all morning, at least 2 inches on the ground, still snowing. Cascadians, I also worry about our Euc- leaves are all brown and I hope it can recover. Many dead shrubs in the garden and this is the "coup de grace" - temp below freezing. I feel like I have been transported back to December, or back to Winnipeg!

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Novita, our yard turned white this morning also. These poor trees. Fortunately it melted quickly. Forecast says 29 for low next few nights, hope that's wrong. Lots of trees beginning to leaf out here, tender buds. Really praying these Eucs are able to push out new leaves and recover. But the big Scoparia has gigantic cracks in the once-ghost-white large trunk and it's turned from snow white to black, leaves straw and now blowin in the wind.

The new grass coming up is thicker and greener and longer by the day, even in the snow / sleet / hail. Supposed to be warm and dry the rest of the week. All this cold stuff is just barely wetting the surface so will begin deep watering the tree wells tomorrow.

The bulbs are sure coming up slower and later than the last 3 years here. In one everything-dies-here-spot we planted over 80 bulbs and there's not one hint of anything coming up. Wondering what sort of black hole vortex is operating in this spot. Last year we dug deep to try to figure it out but nothing is visibly unusual.

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