What to plant along a stream?

GiantSycamoreAugust 7, 2013

WARNING: I'm a gardening novice so please forgive any stupidity.

So there is a small stream that runs through my property all year long (fed by an old mine shaft). This stream is usually lined with all sorts of ugly, fast growing weeds. I recently burned away all the weeds and put down grass seed with decent success. But I am now wondering if there is any sort of weed/vine type thing that I could introduce to this area that will dominate the other weeds while not growing super tall/fast. If anything like that exists, what could it be? Obviously weeds that are mildly aesthetically pleasing would be preferred (if those exist). It wouldn't be a problem for me to burn or roundup everything that's there now to give the new plant a head start, but basically I'm looking for a plant that will become a uniform ground covering plant along my stream where it is too steep to mow and weed eating sucks.

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janetkp(Z6 OH)

I have a creek with 15ft sloping sides. After years of trials and mostly errors, I planted Petasities [peta-SYE-tees] /Common name: Wild rhubarb. The photo shows young plants, When mature the leaves are about 1-1/2 to 2ft wide and up to 3ft tall. I planted two plants five years ago and now they cover my banks. They spread via rhizomes and help keep my banks from collapsing. Also they prevent the deer from running down the banks because they can't see the ground through the leaves.

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