Sweetgum trees

oiltownMarch 2, 2010

Hey everyone:

I was just wondering what the best variety of sweetgum is for cold hardiness? I have found one called grant's seedless that has withstood zone 3b and northern sweetgum which is supposed to be good to 4a. Does anyone have any experience with these trees in cold areas? And can anyone point me to a place that may sell me seeds to Canada? Thanks.

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I can tell you this. Grant's Seedless sweetgum is a tree that was growing on my late husband's uncle William Grant's property in Willmette, Il. outside of Chicago, and identified in the 1990's as being a distinct type of a tree which should only grow in the southern US. Not only that, it is unique in that it does not have the stupid seed pods that cling to everything that our southern ones have. After they got it to breed true, it received a plant patent and went into cultivation for sale. Whether or not it will grow in Canada I cannot say.

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