Alaska fish fertilizer and compost tea

bhuvanaMarch 17, 2013

I am new to gardening. I am planning to brew compost tea.I am looking for good recipe.

I have alfalfa meal, molases and alaskan fish fertilizer.

Few questions, like can i mix alfalfa meal and alaskan fish fertilizer together.

Also is alaskan fish fertilier (i bought it at walmart, it has a OMRI), good.Heard that Alaskan fertlizer lost its OMRI.



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You don't need to get very complicated. All you really need is the compost and a nutrient source. And an aerator (non-aerated compost tea is just a low dose fertilizer).

I'm not sure I'd worry about the alfalfa meal. Alfalfa meal is often used to make a tea itself but it is NOT a compost tea and is typically not aerated nor does one typically add other nutrients. It is just used as a liquid soil drench to add nittrogen.

Otherwise a basic recipe for aerated compost tea is as follows: To 1.5 pounds of compost you need to add approx 3 oz. of fish or kelp meal and 1 oz. molasses. The longer you brew the tea, the more nutrients you may need to add (fish/kelp & molasses) to maintain high populations of the microorganisms.

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Thanks a lot.I am going to try your recipe and will post the results.Thanks again

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