The label says 'Stained Glass' but ...

mclarkeAugust 3, 2012

... it's obviously not "Stained Glass". What is it?

Of course I bought it anyway. I could never resist an orphan.

It was sitting in among some "Stained Glass" at a local (reputable) nursery. It is exactly the same size as "Stained Glass" -- the leaves are the same size, same weight, same texture, same glossy backside. Brilliant green, some older leaves turning a bit yellow. (I put a yardstick in the photo for size reference.)

Any ideas what this might be? Thanks in advance.

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Just guessing - Daybreak


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Oh, never mind.

I took a closer look at the lower leaves, and I realize that this sweet orphan has a DISEASE.

... and so it doesn't matter what kind of hosta it is. It's going back to the nursery.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

that looks like sunburn to me.. not a disease ...

did you take it from a canopied nursery table.. out to sun???? any sun??? .. it would be like you having been in 60% shade cloth all winter.. and flying down to the bahamas and exposing your skin to the sun ....

my first guess would be to ask.. what is the yellow version of stained glass.. check that at the myhosta link at the library ...

return it if you wish .. NBD


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The solid yellow sport out of Stained Glass is called Tortilla Chip, and that's probably what you have here.

The problem on the back of the leaves is spider mites, which aren't too uncommon, especially when things get a little drought stressed or there isn't enough rain to wash off the mites from time to time. A blast of water can take off a lot of them or remove that leaf and throw it away. The mites will wash off but eggs will hatch again later so they can be tough to completely control. It isn't anything all that serious though, and just something that is in the environment, really.

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Thanks, my friends.

Yes, I think ctopher is correct, this is a "Torilla Chip". And right again, I think these are spider mites. I also thought it was sun damage at first, Ken, but then I looked closer, and it is indeed mites. I'm ashamed I didn't spot them at the nursery... I guess I was too excited to find this bright beauty.

But it's still going back. I have had to deal with spider mites before and I'm reluctant to do it again. I have quite a few hosta here, and they're mite-free and healthy. I'm also at the edge of a lake, and I am always very careful with bug-icides.

Maybe I will try to find a "Tortilla Chip" elsewhere. It's really very pretty.

Thanks again.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you have too many fragrant yellows????

i didnt catch it was the leaf back... of course.. duh.. you cant sunburn the back.. lol ...

again .. you can simply bathe the plant.. run your fingers over it all.. and the mites will be gone ... i dont understand .. why you insist on returning it..

but if it makes you happy.. so be it ...


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Oh Ken...

You are my nemesis. My bane. My enabler. (I'm sure you're no stranger to these names.)

We didn't make it back to the nursery today, so The Chip sits out on my deck, in its pot, singing to me. "Wash me, see how pretty I am, wash me and I'll be fine, Ken says so..."

I do want to keep it, I do I do I do I do...

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Wow, a fragrant yellow! What a happy accident.

If you had not come along, it would never have anyone wash its back and make it strong and healthy. Ken's right, you know, just some water, and maybe a little bit of that safer soap wash.

I've ordered some of the castile soap to make my own, should arrive like Monday. A simple washing gets rid of so many things, and it is environmentally friendly.

Good for you being concerned about the runoff into your waterway.

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Okay, I kept it. After some online research, I gave it an isoprophyl alcohol wipedown and a castile-soap bubble bath. It's still in its pot, isolated on the far side of the house, and now I watch and wait. I will repeat the treatment as needed.

The plant says "thankyou" to everyone here who encouraged me to keep it.

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