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sweetflowers(8/WA)March 20, 2006

Hi everyone,

I have been looking for a patio set, can you recommend something that is reasonably priced and great looking. I went to Molbak's this weekend they were sleek and comfortable but exhorbitantly priced. Each chair costed ~$800 ( I thought that was the price of teh entire set-still expensive). The set was for ~$5500.

If you know stores carrying soemthing unique, let me know.



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Patio furniture can really get pricey, can't it!? You didn't mention exactly what you want and how much you want to pay and all that will make a difference.

It's possible to get good quality for a reasonable price but you have to be careful -- low price often equals something that won't last. We shopped around a lot before we bought anything. If you wait you can get sale prices, but the selection is WAY down, so it just depends on what your priorities are.

I don't know where you are, but if you're in/near Vancouver, WA and want wood furniture, check out Vancouver Woodworks. They have some eucalyptus furniture that's very nice at a decent price. Only drawback is that it needs to have furniture oil applied once or twice a summer (if you don't, mildew is a problem), but it's not a huge project. We're going into our third summer with ours. If we have to do it all over, I'm not sure if we'd go with the same thing, but overall we've been happy with it. I love the look of it.

Good luck!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

This may be too low for you and not unique but worth a mention. My aunt and uncle bought one of the, I hate to even say her name, Martha Stewart sets at Kmart, one with Victoria in the name and they love it. I've sat at it and it is very comfortable. The table has a leaf pattern in the glass and a built in lazy susan. Entire set is less than $500. They have had it at least five years. They could easily afford a $5000 one but prefer not to if they don't have to to get quality.

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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

I think my outlaws had that very same Martha set :-) Was the trim done in a pastel green? It was absolutely gorgeous and they had the four table chairs plus two rockers, a loveseat, a coffee table and a glider all to match.

I bought some wonderful redwood stuff for my new front porch last year at McLendons. It's really well made and has nice cushions. McLendons usually has some fairly nice stuff at reasonable prices.

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annukka(z8 seattle, WA)

IKEA had a flyer in the Sunday Seattle Times/PI advertising several nice looking, simple - (and as usual VERY reasonably priced) options for outdoor furniture. You might check out their website.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)


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Thank you all! I haven't visited any of the stores you all mentioned. I like the Kmart idea, that is what I am looking for. This weekend I will visit the stores and see if I like something.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Yes, it was pastel green and there are additional pieces beyond and table and chairs that match. Loveseat, chaise, coffee table etc. It happens to be on sale.

Here is a link that might be useful: Victoria Patio Furniture at Kmart

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Thank you for the link. I went on line and from what I have seen I absolutely love the Kmart patio set. Great product at a great price, what more can you ask for.
Thanks a bunch,

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geostv(Antigua, Guatemala)

I bought the 48 inch round set from this place about 2 years ago after reading about them in Smart Money and doing a lot of research. It is very solid and well made. It has been outside on a covered patio here in Portland for 2 years and is holding up exceptionally well. I give it a light coat of sunfrog every year. IMHO, it is as nice as teak, as heavy as teak, at a fraction of the cost. The set was 599 or so, plus maybe 100 or so for shipping. Highly recommended.

Here is a link that might be useful: patio sets

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I bought a set at one of the grocery stores (safeway or albertsons can't remember which) for $249 on sale. I still have after 3 years. I need to replace the cushions this year, but otherwise it's in great shape. Table, 4 chairs and umbrella.

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boxofrox(z8 PNW)


If you haven't bought the set yet, my wife dragged me down to Sam's Club to show me one she saw and it is gorgeous. It's a 13 piece set and is made to be left out. The table sets 6 and the set comes with 6 dining chairs, the table, 2 swivel rockers with ottomans, a small side table, and an umbrella stand for the middle of the table. All the framework is aluminum with a very nice two tone dark brown matte finish. The table top is like slats. Very nice, especially for the price.....$715. They also have a lot of other pieces like a double lounge, fully cushioned love seat and chairs, and a gazebo like thingamajiggy, all in the same frame pattern.

We are rebuilding our second story deck this year with an aluminum decking product that waterproofs the space below and one of the colors the decking comes in is almond and we are going to buy this set for sure. It's quite nice!

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I did go and see some of the sets this weekend. I dragged my husband along. The Kmart ones are good. I will take a look at Sam's club one coming weekend. Thank you all for your suggestions.

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We purchased Tropitone before we moved to Southern Oregon, Boy am I glad we did. Anaheim Patio and Fireplace in Huntington Beach, CA. Any large city would have this brand, it was a little less than Brown and Jordan. A lighter more gentle look. Sort of Italian. We went back and purchased the swing/glider. We absolutely love the look. It was around 400 per shivel chair, (a must - buy all four swivels, you will be glad you did) glider was about 450 and the table was around $600, as I remember. It came with a scratch kit and a 10 warrantee. If you are looking for a unique canapy, look at Lowe's. I saw one yesterday that had an uneven top on it, I absolutely loved it. Very Casablanca looking!! Wish now I had waited one season. Oh well. Good luck with your search. There is always Costco!!!! But quality patio furniture lasts a long time and is worth every penny you spend, those are my values....

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ell_in_or(z8 OR)

We went to Sears and got a nice-looking one with an umbrella and matching chairs. The nice thing about the chairs is that if the cushions are removed, they stack for storage.

We have an open (uncovered) patio so we don't leave out furniture once the season is over.

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heatherisnotaweed(WA Z8)

I love the wood ones that geostv posted, but they can't be left out in the winter, rigght? They have to be put in the garage? I havn't got a covered patio you see. But I sure would like one of those sets!


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Hi all,

We finally bought the patio set this weekend. I bought the Kmart one, it costed $550. It has 5 chairs, glass top table and an umbrella. Our patio can accomodate this one very well.
Thank you all for your suggestions.


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

You are welcome. Enjoy.

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hostaguy(USDA 8)

Why not get a beautiful 100 year TEAK set?

The best place to buy is in Seattle:

Fantasticly Low prices, good quality, compare to Smith Hawkens Teak sets.

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There's a place in Bellevue called Summer House. They are reasonably priced for quality patio furniture. They have a huge variety. And, very nice people. It's a family business and been in business for 25 years. Take a look at their stuff online and go there to check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Summer House

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One more thing...I just looked at Summer House online and saw that they have several locations...Bellevue, Tacoma, and Tukwila.

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We recently purchased several items of Diore granite top furniture line from Sam's Club. We have not opened the boxes yet as we were waiting to finish our patio. Now we have learned that the company that makes this furniture (JRA Furniture) has gone bankrupt and, therefore, will be unable to honor their warranty. This furniture is quite pricey and we are trying to decide if we should risk keeping it or take it all back to Sam's since it has not been opened. Has anyone had experience with this line of patio furniture?

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My husband and I are desprately looking for Dior`e furniture to go with what we already have! What do you have? Maybe we could buy it from you. Thanks, Misti

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Go to that site, click your city (Seattle or Portland, etc).

Under for sale, click furniture.

Put in your word search text (like, patio furniture).

Make sure you select "has image" so you get only those ads that have an image of the item.

I found a beautiful set of almost brand-new patio furniture recently for 1/2 the cost of new.


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my husband and I purchased a Diore 7pc outdoor dining set from Sams. Its beautiful. We bought it several weeks ago for our new patio which was being built. It is now finished and we opened the box and no hardware for the chairs! Called Sams and discovered the company that makes the furniture, JRA, is no longer in business. So its either find hardware elsewhere, since I browsed all local Sams in the area, or sell or something. Help!!

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I agree with garrai81!

If you don't mind using second hand, go for craigslist!

We bought this one for $350, about 1/2 price.

This set is originally bought from HomeDepot a year ago. Previous owner moved in new house with smaller deck. So they wanted to sell it.

I gets compliment about this patio set all the time. You can leave them outside all year around. It looks great, and very light weight, so easy to move. Came with beige cushions as well.

You just need some patience with craigslist tho. If you can keep looking for a month or two, you will definitely find a good deal!

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I recently purchased a really neat patio set from the Phoenix Home and Garden show. Rusty Rail Designs. This guy makes all of the furniture himself from old cedar timbers and welded steel. Really rustic furniture yet looks modern as well. Im sure he could ship these things out to you as well, all though they are quite heavy. For the price of custom furniture, he is actually well underpricing his stuff in my opinion. Best of luck.

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