how to kill Rose Of Sharon??

allison_08September 16, 2007

Hello everyone. I am new to this site, and I hope you can help. I have done a quick search on Rose of Sharon, and don't really seem to have come up with a good answer.

My mom is trying to clean up our back yard right now. Our neighbor had Rose of Sharon bushes that seeded into our yard, and now we seem to have a forest! This summer my mom had two huge trees, one a pine, cut down in our back yard and these Rose of Sharon had been growing in amongst the trees and we didn't know! We have cut them all down to the ground, some are the size of pencils, others much larger. Some we have dug out, some we can't due to their size.

Any sure fire way to get rid of them? I think my mom has spent about $100 in weed killer to no avail. She's afraid if we do get them all dug out that they are just going to come back. Can anyone help?? Thanks!!

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

She might have to move....

No really, just use Round Up or Weed Be Gone if they are growing in the grass. If you use Round Up, take a folded piece of corragated cordboard to put around the plant to protect other plants from the spray.

Good luck!

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Round-up does the trick!

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Round up isn't killing the rose of sharon's that have invaded my poor yard. Nothing seems to do the trick. I pull them up while they are small but some of the large ones just won't die. HELP!

PS yes I see this thread is old but maybe someone can still help.

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Sometimes when things are hard to get rid of you must spray multiple times about a week apart. If round-up does not do the trick try ortho weed and brush killer.

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