Fall Bulbs/Pansy Planting Time

ces797(6)September 9, 2009

Howdy fellow Ohioans.

I am in Columbus and have purchased some daffodil bulbs that I want to plant. I know it may be still a bit too warm but here is my dillema. I want to plant on either side of my walkway daffodils for spring and directly above those bulbs I want to try some pansies. I read an OSU story that trialed the hardiness of pansies in Ohio and this report said to plant pansies by mid September (or earlier) so plants can establish roots and have higher hopes of returning in the Spring. Here is the story if your interested


If I go ahead and plant both soon, do I have a higher risk of the daffodil bulbs rotting? Reason being is because after I plant the pansies I assume I will be doing a somewhat frequent watering routine to keep going until we are consistently in the 50's/60's here. That water will obviously drain down to where the daffodil bulbs are.

Maybe I'm overthinking it and should just do it.

Last year I planted Allium bulbs in August and they all came up in Spring and bloomed. (albeit I was not watering them regularly)

Appreciate any helpful information!


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I think you are overthinking it. Just go ahead & plant the daffs. You surely won't be giving the pansies that much water, so much that a bulb planted more deeply couldn't tolerate it, unless you are planting them in a pan or something.

Good luck, Raee

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