Cheap potting soil

alison(6b/OH)September 19, 2004

Hope this isn't verbotten, but I thought I'd pass along the info that Oakland Plants has got their Pro-Mix potting soil on sale for $2 a bag.

Potting soil is always a struggle for me (I end up amending whatever I get and still not being satisfied), but a lot of folks on the Winter Sowing forum swear by the Pro-Mix, so I bought 6 bags I'm going to keep in the basement for winter sowing.

Along with the pop bottles, the milk jugs......

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I used it and I liked the premier I think. It dries out faster, but that wasn't an issue really this last spring. I think it's nice stuff for the early plant outs and I would use it on poppies, bachelor buttons etc.

Things that remained longer in their containers for whatever reason, didn't do as well as the ones in Miracle Gro - not a huge difference, just not as vigorous. Promix is nice to work with and those compressed bales go a long way.

I think the people who were disappointed with it tried to use it as a longer-term potting soil rather than a seed starter.

Thanks Alison, that's a sale worth checking out!

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ohio_homegrown(z5 OH)

Alison, I too had a problem with potting soil and found the ProMix which i now use. Darn it i missed the sale. I'm not to happy with the bagged garden soils that i buy for putting in my flower beds and raised vegy beds. Do you know of a good source for bagged topsoil & manure. So far i think the Kmart's Hyponox Topsoil and Manure has worked the best for me. I also buy a block of spagnum peat moss to add to the mix. I really am not too impressed with Lowes, Walmart or Ohio Mulches stuff.

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You know, I thought it was a limited sale too, but when I stopped by to window shop yesterday, they still had it!

Picked up a few more bags. You know, just in case.....

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anybody happen to know who handles the promix in san antonio? seems the nearest place is houston and it costs too much to ship. would you be kind enough to e-mail me at

thanks, dick

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therealKYgirl(6 western Ky)

We don't have one of those stores around he, so I go to Wal-Mart and get the cheap stuff. (Now here's where the fun part coms in at,lol.)

You the take said soil, add about one 5 gallon bucket of fresh cow poop, and tons of nasty wet leaves, and add to one of those big plastic containers. Add water and cover for a few days, after that mix it all up really good and till into the soil.

I have used this stuff for years and now my real dirt is as rich and black as the regular potting soil. The only problem I have is that EVERYTHING wants to grow in my beds.

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