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AmyIN(Zn 5 IN)September 28, 2005

My name is Amy. I am a resident of Indiana and love to garden. I simply adore my flowers. It is my past time. I need some help though on what flowers bloom from August thru maybe October around here. I have hundreds of perennials and many annuals but it seems that the only flowers I have that bloom thru the end of Fall is my Mums. My white daisys are still blooming. If anyone has any ideas please pass them along to me as I have ordered several hundred more bulbs from Michigan Bulb company online and am waiting to plant them. I am not for sure if the ones coming will bloom thru fall though. You can mail be here or by regular email at Thanks!

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I LOVE Japanese anemones, particularly "Honorine Jobert", toad lillies (tricyrtis) which now come in a variety of leaf varigations and differences in flowers. Cimicifuga (also known as snakeroot) is blooming right now. I also like using the biennial Angelica gigas which turns REALLY mahogany red right now and has a large queen anne's lace like head. Plumbago (leadwort) has blue flowers right now and will change to red leaves soon. I have gaura blooming now, and dahlias, a variety of asters, boltonia asteroides, my coral bells continue to bloom until frost.

I know I'm forgetting something...I'll have to look outside again and see what's showing tomorrow.

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sun coleus foliage looks great right now along with perilla. Fall blooming asters, if you like yellow try tropical called Duranta Gold Edge for it's colorful foliage, lezpedeza thunbergii Pink Fountains - which I guess is really a shrub - is covered with pink flowers. Zinnia grandiflora, and Diascia integerrima are blooming now and have been for quite a while. Various Agastache and Sages are really hitting their peak right about now. Lots of different grasses with their flower heads swaying in the breeze are attractive, especially when placed so the afternoon sunlight highlights the flowers. Cannas are looking great now. I guess that's about it for my suggestions

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fennelgrl(Z6a OH)

My east friesland sage is still blooming strongly. Sweet autumn clematis is in bloom now and it smells nice.

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AmyIN(Zn 5 IN)

Wow. Thanks so much for all your wonderful suggestions. I have many written down. Most of the suggestions are annuals but thats ok. I appreciate the awesome feedback from everyone. :)

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

HI Amy...welcome to the Ohio Valley Forum...

Here's what blooming now for me: sweet autumn clematis, tall sedums, mums, asters, gaillardia, second flush of lavendar munstead after sheering earlier this summer, kalimaris, boltonia, mini roses, cranesbill rozanne, scabiosa butterfly blue, jap. anemome, eupatorium chocolate, honeysuckle vine, rebloomer daylilies (May May, Many Happy Returns, Pennysworth) and annuals.


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Actually, Amy, most of the suggestions ARE perennials....

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