Hi, Newbie from Ohio

sweetkountrySeptember 1, 2007

I have just begun flower gardening. A friend has helped me with some seeds and I have gotten a few plants. Hoping to do more next year. I am working on cottage style gardens with an emphasis on fragrance and secondary hummingbirds and butterflies. Any advice would be appreciated.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I would direct you to the Winter Sowing Forum. We grow plants from seed in containers that we actually start outdoors. It's cheap, easy and nearly foolproof.

Winter sowing is perfect for Ohio and begins as early as December 21st. I have newbie seed packs that I would be happy to send you if you send me your addy. I also have a cottage garden with lots of nice plants for bees and butterflies.

Anyway, if you post over on Winter Sowing, tell them Bakemom sent you. Watch what happens.

In the meantime, this is a good place to ask Ohio specific questions. Garden webbers also host swaps around Ohio several times a year. We have one set for 9/8 here in the Columbus area. Welcome!

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maozamom NE Ohio

Go to a plant swap. I don't know where you are but Columbus and western PA are both having a swap this Saturday. If you live near Wayne county I'll share plants with you.

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ive been gardening for years, but am a newbie to this forum. the plant swaps sound awsome!! i have never had much luck with seeds, but am more than willing to learn.

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Unfortunately I am from SW Ohio and it is too hot right now to go to Col. This is the hottest, driest summer that I can remember in Oh. And I have seen a few summers.

Bakemom, I sent you an email.

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Welcome Sweetkountry;
I am in the Dayton area and I agree, it is too hot and dry to do anything right now. My husband says "welcome to winter in summer." I want to second what Bakemom said. Wintersowing is a greatway to get plants for next year. I tried it with great sucess. Almost too much sucess, as many seedlings did not get planted due to the volume.

If you are in the Dayton or Cincinnati area there are a lot of great gardens to visit and get ideas. Our area does have some issues that other parts of Ohio do not. Our soil is extremely alkaline and some plants do not tolerate it well. not to mention the water from your faucet has a high lime content. Go to your local nursery and see if they have any lists you can go off of for your area.

I have been volunteering for both an organization that sells native Ohio wildflowers and with a local butterfly house. Off the top of my head some great plants for cottage, butterfly, and scent are;

1. Any of the Echinaceas, color, easy, butterflies
2. Phlox, extremely scented. Pick a variety that is mildew resisitant. Some butterfly appeal.
3. Agastache, color, butterflys, scented leaves, can be a bit invasive depending on the hybrid
4.Zinnias The things the butterflies seem to go for the most. Annul but great wintersowing flower.

Remember if you want butterflies, you need to limit or eliminate pesticides. Host plants for the catepillars are helpful as well. My hubby and I were trying to eliminate this vine in our yard till we realized it was honeyvine milkweed and a favorite of Monarchs. Guess what! Last night I found my first monarch catepillar on one. What fun. There is a great butterfly forum on Gardenweb that will tell you anything you want to know about BFs.


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