Plant Swap? NE, anyone interested?

tameron(Zone 5/6 Ohio)September 11, 2005

There have been a few of us discussing a plant swap in NE Ohio. We haven't decided on a location yet. We'll see how many others are interested and try to make it central to all who are interested.

I live in Garrettsville and I'm willing to host the swap or get everything setup. If you're interested please post here:

What's your location?

What you would like to see take place at the swap?

How far you are willing to travel?

What time of year would you like to have it?

To the others that have been in discussion with me on this, am I forgetting anything?

Thanks in advance,


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cecropia(z5 Oh)

I'm near Akron,so Garrettsville would be fine with me,although I'd be willing to travel farther than that.

I think you covered everything,Tameron,except maybe how many plants we should bring,and whether bare-root is acceptable.I personally like the idea of taking home as many plants as you bring,but I realize some people may not have much to offer right now.
Anytime in September or October would be ok,wouldn't it,Unless we decide to wait til spring?Fall is an excellent time to plant most anything except annuals.

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tameron(Zone 5/6 Ohio)

I need to clarify...

I can host it in Garrettsville as long as the turn out is under 20. If over twenty, we'd have to find somewhere else to have it. I'm willing to travel also, so once I know how many people we have, where they are from, then we could decide on a central location.

I couldn't get everything organized for a meet in September, I'm moving again (long story) in three days :) So if I'm getting the swap together, the earliest would have to be the beginning of Oct. or spring, anytime after this month is good for me.

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

HI Tameron..I hope you get your swap put together. Just in case you weren't aware, there's a plant swap in Hilliard (NW suburb of Columbus) this weekend. You can check out the info at the Get-togethers forum .

It's going to be fun.


Here is a link that might be useful: Columbus Ohio Plant Swap

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Kymie17(z6a/5b NE OH)

Hi Tameron! I'm game for a plant swap, but I'd prefer to wait for the spring. I would be hard-pressed to have anything ready for a fall swap. Of course, if you do decide to have it in the fall... we could just have another in the spring, too. :)

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Hi Tameron! I am in Mansfield , Oh and not sure how far you are from me. I live about 70 miles N of Columbus. I had planned on attending the one in Columbus last Spring but, was very ill at the time. Now that I am better, I think Spring would be better. Just let me know about how far I would have to travel? Karen

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tameron(Zone 5/6 Ohio)

Sorry it took me so long to get back to everyone. This move was a complete disaster but I'm finally settled in. I haven't had any time at all to work outside since I've moved here so the Spring would work best for me as well.

Karen - If we have it here at my house or at a park locally then it would take you about 1 hr. 45 min. to get here from Mansfield.

I'm not sure if here would be the most central for everyone. I don't want everyone to have to drive farther than necessary. So we'll give it a little longer to see if more people are interested and then we'll decide on a place to have it I guess.

Kymie - Where are you located in Ohio? You've probably already told me but with everything going on here lately my mind has been shot...LOL

Again I'm sorry for taking so long to get back to all of you. I'm really looking forward to doing this and think it will be alot of fun. Let me know if you have any ideas on how we should run the swap.


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Hi Tam...I live in Akron too and am interested in a plant swap in the spring...Garrettsville isnt that far from Akron...good luck!! gail

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tameron(Zone 5/6 Ohio)


Also everyone should talk to friends and family and see if they may be interested as well. It doesn't have to just be us from the forum... Just let me know the number of others that may be coming.

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Hey Tameron! Let me know when it is decided about details! I would love to go! I am close to Marysville Ohio. This will be so fun!!

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tameron(Zone 5/6 Ohio)

I'll wait until April to see how many more people reply. Then we'll all decide on a place, time, etc...

I think it will be alot of fun to!


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princess_mimi(z5 6 OH)


I'd make a road trip from Hilliard to come to your swap! I'll even start a carpool for us Columbusites. I see that Beverly, aka Storygardener, has already told you about the swap that we have here the third Saturday on May. we've done it for several years and have worked out many of the kinks. It runs pretty smoothly even with lots of people and thousands of plants.

Can't wait too see what you cook up!


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Hey Tameron - this is Jeff out in Mantua - remember me?

This is just a thought but the swap could be held out at my place, there is plenty of space to spread out for anyone interested.
My only concern would be that I grow and sell plants for a living. It isn't a huge operation, but it may make people think that they have to BUY something from me. They don't!
include me in if you can come up with a date to do it - all Saturdays are not good for me because I am at the Farmer's Market at Shaker Square. Let me know!

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vicki448(z5 NEOhio)

Hi! I live in Trumbull county, Brookfield on the PA border. I would be interested in a plant swap in the spring. I do alot of perennials from seed so spring would be best. Also i do alot of dividing in the spring. I am also in the Mahoning County MG, I'm sure i could get a few of them interested. Will keep checking back here for more info! Vicki

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tameron(Zone 5/6 Ohio)

I'm encouraging everyone from Ohio to contact me at with their email address.

Confused yet? LOL Well all I can say is contact me with an email address and it'll be fun! I promise it's not spam or a business advertisement or anything like that! Just something fun I'm doing for the gardeners here in Ohio. It's also in regards to the plant swap.

Take care,

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Oye! Dover resident here might be interested as well, though not sure how many plants I can offer. Durn Yuccas all over the place... Stella D'oro...

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sally(z5/6 PA)

If foreigners from PA are welcome, I'd love to join your swap. I live on the state line - literally - just east of Columbiana County,OH. I have gone to Hilliard before , but that's a rather long drive....:-)


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I too would be interested in a northeast ohio swap, spring 2006. Please add me to your list. I'm planning to go to the central ohio swap on May 20th. It's worth the trip. Storey gardener & Princess Mimi do a great job.

I'm located in Cuyahoga fall, just north of akron

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