8th Annual Billerica Plant Swap, On Again This Year

littleonefb(zone 5, MA)May 7, 2014

Hello All,

Yes we are back on to have the annual swap again this year. Sorry the post is a bit late getting started, but here it is.

The plant swap is held in Billerica MA, but eveyone is welcome to attend, regardless of where you live.
â¨All are welcome with or without any plants or seedlings to swap. There will be plenty of seedlings just for the taking. Annuals, perennials, flower seedlings, tomato seedlings, veggie seedlings, plant divisions, as well as anything that is related to gardening, seed sowing etc.
So don't be afraid to come because this year you are new to gardening and have nothing to bring. We will be glad to solve your problem and fill up those new garden beds for you

Remember, you don't have to just live in the Billerica or surrounding area. You are more than welcome to come even if you live in a surrounding town or much further away.

For those of you that are new to plant swaps or have never attended my plant swap, we get together on a Saturday and swap our seedlings and plant divisions with each other. â¨Everyone brings something with them, goodies to eat, cold drinks, hot drinks, plates, napkins etc.

This is a very informal get together, I'm one of those informal people, like simple gatherings and just enjoy ourselves.

I set no basic rules for swapping plants, seedlings, divisions. Bring what you have to swap, set them up and each person sets their own "rules" if they want to.

If someone wants to do things differently for "their" plants, seedlings etc. that's fine with me.

â¨I just put out my seedlings for anyone to take and in the past most have done the same.
I like to see my seedlings and plant divisions go to anyone that wants them and not have to replant anything that is left.

Looking forward to seeing old faces (not age, those that have come before) and meeting new gardeners who want to join us, fill up their garden beds and just get together and with other gardeners and have a good time.

So here is the basic information and any ideas to add, just toss them out.
At least for me, it's to early to know what I will and will not have for the swap. As time gets closer I will post what I will have and others can do the same.

I don't have any problems with people asking if anyone wants a particular division of plants or requests specific seedlings that will be available. â¨I would rather know that someone wants a division before I dig it out than to waste time doing so and have to replant.


DATE: Saturday June 7, 2014

RAIN DATE: Sunday June 8, 2014

TIME: 10AM until everyone wants to leave

LOCATION: Billerica MA. I will e-mail address and directions the week of the swap to all who are planning to attend.

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I will be there. I can bring German chammomile seedlings, organically grown aloe Vera babies, and lots is Bonnie vegetable and hearb seed packets.

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started_with_bean(Zone 5--MA)

Yay! I'll be there, mostly with the stuffed phyllo triangles and just a couple of tomato plants and basil. Fingers crossed for good weather like today!

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Daffodil33, looking forward to meeting you.

I'd love one of those aloe vera babies, and I'm sure some others would as well.

Stuffed phyllo triangles. Just thinking about them makes me hungry for them, bring on the basil plants. Heidi and I will be glad to take a couple of them for you.

Seedlings are growing but this crazy weather has everything going slow.

I know I will have plenty of forsythia stems that can be rooted quickly if anyone is interested.


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Hi there!

I'm one of those newbies you mentioned, would love to come by and meet folks, and get some knowledge and seedlings too!



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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Hi Calvin,

You are more than welcome to come to the swap. Looking forward to meeting you.

Will have some lily of the valley potted up for the swap. they love shade, though mine are growing in an area that gets some partial sone and do well there.
They are spreaders so it's best to plant them in "their own bed" where they can take off on their own and not get in the way of other plants.

Seedlings are growing, but not sure yet what will and will not be ready for the swap. will list more soon.


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started_with_bean(Zone 5--MA)


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Several people have emailed me that will be attending the swap next week.

the following plants will be for anyone to take

plenty of lily of the valley
siberian blue dianthus
oxeye daisy
orange daylillies
double orange daylilies

seedlings of the following

rose campion
balsam impatiens lavender
balsam impatiens dark pink
nicandra splash of cream
danberg lace poppy
floxglove mix of lavender, white and fushia. these are perennials
breadseed poppy.

if any interest, the following can be dug up

crane's bill geranium pink, perennial
lemon balm


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Thank you again for hosting this Fran, really do appreciate it! We'll be there and bring something to munch on..

Since we don't have any plants to swap with, we'll wait it out until the end and try get whatever's left over.

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I hope to come. Not sure what I'll even have time to dig up. Might have to get back to you on that. It's been a rather hectic time of late. And I have to split a bit early for a nephew's grad party.


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)


Please email me directly through my member page so that I can send you directions to the swap.

Calvin, sending you an email


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Kathy, you always find a way to dig up plants for the swap. How you do it, I don't know.

Calvin, my list of plants and seedlings are for the taking. no need to wait till the end of the swap to have any of them.

potted up and dug up the following for the swap

perennial foxglove mixed colors of lavender, white and fushia
perennial foxglove white
balsam impatiens lavender
balsam impatiens dk pink
nicandra splash of cream
malva zebrina
rose campion
bread seed poppy. no idea what color they will be. the seeds where from a store purchase of poppy seeds for cooking. what I could find out was if they germinate the flower colors will probably be either all white or white with splashes of lavender. will be an interesting experiment to see what does bloom

have dug up tons of lily of the valley

still have to dig up the daylillies


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Now for the swap info


I have a table for any food that is coming,

at least 8 chairs for those to who want to sit down.

I will have a cooler for ice and to keep any cold drinks in

I will provide a "jug of Joe" from dunkin donuts and all the fixins to go with it and some munchkins as well

I will have some plates, napkins and plastic utensils to use as well.

Agnes is bringing her "famous stuffed phyllo triangles"

Can someone bring some ice/cold drinks.

Calvin emailed that he would bring something for snacks
and daffodil33 is bringing some snacks and another gardener with her.

there are several other people coming that haven't posted on the thread.

Anyone that wants to come, please email me from my member page for address and directions to the swap and if possible post on the thread.

Looking forward to seeing everyone "old" and meeting new people on Saturday.

and it still looks like we will have good weather too.


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Thanks so much Fran.

We'll bring snacks, a couple of bottles of pop and some ice too. Do you have a cooler?


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Thanks Clavin.

I have 3 coolers we can use. Will have them outside and can decide which ones to use when you get here on Sat.

Can you add some cups for the soda if you are bringing 1 or 2 liter bottles?


edited to add about the cups

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Fran, I just saw this thread and am going to try to come. Would you please email me the directions? I would love some Cranesbill geraniums and Lily of the valley ... maybe some other things as I have lots of space to fill.

I could bring oenothera (evening primrose), lady's mantle and iris if anyone wants these.

I can also bring extra pots and trays.


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Looking forward to it Fran, I only have a aloe vera baby to bring unfortunately, and bugleweed if anyone wants any?Thanks

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Hi Pankaj,

sent you an email about directions. cranesbill geranium will be dug in in the morning for you.

What kind of Iris do you have, what colors are they?

Don't know what other's will want in plants but if you want to dig up some of yours for the swap, that would be great.

the extra pots and trays would be good for potting up plants.

daffodil33 bring the aloe baby with you. don't know about the bugleweed though.


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Hi Fran,

Thanks for the directions.

I don't know what colors the iris will be ... I have white, yellow and blue irises, but these are plants that grew up in my leaf pile so I'm not sure which rhizomes got dug up and thrown in there. My guess is they will be the blue ones, but I can't be sure. I will bring a few bunches for people willing to give them a try.

I've added a photo of some of the white and yellow irises that are already in bloom ... the blue ones are budding but not yet open.

By the way, I was looking at your list again and noticed the mention of lemon balm ... I would love one of those to add to my herb garden. Thanks so much.

Looking forward to meeting folks tomorrow,

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I also noticed a bunch of tiny seedlings under my kousa dogwood (see photo). I could pot up a few of those if people are interested ... but you will need to be patient; these literally just have the seed leaves and then the first two true leaves on them :)

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Does anyone by any chance have rose of sharon seedlings/plants? Thanks!

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)


Have the lemon balm, lily of the valley and cranes bill geranium aside for you.


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Thanks, Fran. A couple of the blue iris finally opened up today.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Everyone, don't forget that if you have any garden related items, that aren't plants, seedlings you are more than welcome to bring them to the swap and see if anyone would like them.

Things like
garden magazines,
plant books,
fancy pots
plastic pots
plant stakes
fancy plant containers

anything plant related or close to plant related is welcome

Also indoor plants are more than welcome as well.

See everyone in the morning.


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Thanks Fran, for hosting an amazing plant swap with beautiful plants, seedlings, and good food.

Thanks Lisa and Pankaj for the lovely plants as well.

I put them int he ground (took me all day).

Hope it cools down and rains.

Thanks All!

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Thanks, Fran (and Mike), for hosting the swap ... what a great idea and it is so generous of you to do it. And thanks to you and Lisa for the plants I took home.

I finally came back in the house at 8 pm after planting all afternoon. I realized after I had done it that maybe I shouldn't have put the little seedlings out yet (the tiny ones in the styrofoam cups) ... I hope they make it. I'll make sure not to let them dry out .... any other tips? I was actually wondering if I should dig them back up and bring them inside again for a while till they get a little bigger.

I'll post pictures in a few days once the plants get established. I hope others do too ... I'd love to see how my "babies" turn out. Like, what color are the irises I brought?

Did anybody else realize the weird thing ... the only three guys who came to the swap (not counting Mike since he didn't "come" ... he was already there) were of Indian origin? Weird.

My best to all,

This post was edited by PankajT on Sun, Jun 8, 14 at 11:39

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Hey folks!

Thanks Fran and Mike for hosting this, and thank you to everyone who brought plants. Really appreciate all the plants and advice we got on Saturday, and it was really nice to meet all of you. We were struck by how welcoming you all were, and we won't forget it!

We've got most of the plants in the ground, and they look great too. Thanks again folks.

Calvin & Hayley

PS: @Pankaj - you're right, that was weird, haha!

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Pankaj, I will be posting pictures, so stay tuned. Thanks again.

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