Veggie Garden Dirt

FamilyLivingSimpleMarch 22, 2013

Where and what dirt do you guys like to put in your veggie garden beds. I was using Tagro down in tacoma because I heard such good things, but now that i have been looking around on this forum it sounds like that isn't the best idea.

Any suggestions is much appreciated.

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I wouldn't be overly concerned about using the Tagro - soil amendments and fertilizers based on biosolids are extremely highly regulated, with no unpleasant aroma and pathogen-free. Tagro is fully composted and is likely far less harmful to apply to garden beds than aged cow, steer or horse manure. Folks just tend to be sqeamish about these things but without foundation :-)

If you do have issues with the stuff, just add some compost, either the bagged stuff available just about anywhere or in bulk from Cedar Grove or your local bulk soil distributor. Compost is a perfectly adequate annual amendment for veggie gardens.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Basics: soil (or dirt, as you refer) is just a medium to grow plants in it: Original soil on planet Earth comes from worn stone and rock. Then composted vegetation is gradually mixed with it. This mixture is called TOP SOIL. The more organic contents, the better top soil.
Requiremens for garden soil are: To maintain adequate moisture. To have proper drainage.
So then, any soil can be amended by compost. Then you would need nutriets. Most composts have SOME nutrient but not enough. Then you have choices: (1) add commercial chemical fertilizers . (2) add thing like manures (Horse, cow, chicken.. etc) . Compost is environmentally friendly , plus it holds and releases fertilizer slowly . I am a compost advocate. Keep amending your gaarden soil regularly(about onve a year). Because compost decays an loses its effect. I also like composted horse manure , both as a fertilizer and soil amendment.
The other importan issue is THE SOIL PH. (acidity, alkalinity) MOST garden veggies would do fine at a Ph range of 5.8 to 7.2. (7 being nutral) . Herbs like generally nutral to alkaline soild. It is not a rocket science but as a gardener you will learn it as you go along.

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