Sweet Potatoes?

meadowmuffinsMarch 11, 2008

I'm looking to grow sweet potatoes. Is it possible in mid-western Ontario?

And where in the world do I find seeds or starters??

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They are mostly grown in southern states, long summers but hey if you want to give a shot more power to you. Just let us know if you succeed.

Step 1:
Put a sweet potato on a bed of sand and cover it completely with moist sand. Keep it moist and at room temperature for four to six weeks until sprouts are about six inches tall and have a few leaves.

Step 2:
Remove the new shoots and their roots by gently twisting them off the potato. These pieces are known as "slips." Wait three or four days before planting the slips as little root hairs will develop, and they will help to ensure survival.

Step 3:
Make a mound of soil about twelve inches high and twelve inches wide. Plant the slips in the mound four inches deep and twelve inches apart.

Step 4:
Keep a young plant moist by watering regularly, especially if you have fast draining sandy soil. Once they are established, sweet potatoes won't require as much moisture.

Step 5:
Weed carefully until plants are well established so you don't disturb the delicate roots. Once the plant reaches the stage where the vines cover the ground, they will help shade out weeds, eliminating a lot of the maintenance.

Step 6:
Remove the vines about a week prior to harvesting the potatoes. This will help the skin "set" as it is very thin and susceptible to bruising. Dig the potatoes up with a spading fork and store until ready to use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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Meadowmuffins: There is a gentleman in Kingston who grows sweet potatoes. He has a page at: homecogeco.ca/~allen/catalogue.html. If this link doesn't work, try googling 'Ken Allen,Kingston'. I did and click on the first listing that comes up. Maybe you can email him and get some advice. Marg

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