Everyone survive the flooding in the Ohio Valley?

JillPOctober 1, 2004

I don't post often, and am 2 counties away from the Ohio River, but some Ohio Counties (Columbiana, Belmont, Jefferson, Monroe, to name a few) got hit bad with flooding in the last few weeks. Hope everyone is ok, and your gardens survived.

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sjm2757(zone 5 OH)

Yeah, my garden is just fine. We live in Columbiana County but we were lucky. Our city didn't get hit too badly with the water--just a bit of water in our basement. Those counties south of us really got hammered (Jefferson, Belmont, and south). Going to have to cover some plants tonight, though, it's going to be cold. Thanks for the inquiry.

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Wahhhh....I got hit! It was suppose to be a 500 year flood. That makes "2" since '97. (I must be 1000 years old!)
((((Sure do feel like it!)))
I'm in Meigs County, South-east Ohio.
We had 8 inches in the finished basement and 4 in the garage.
Goodness......water sure does rise fast! We knew it would hit my heighbor first, so the neighborhood rushed to her house, to pick things up. Then we did mine. :-(
The whole yard has been a dusty mess since it dried out. We have to wear face masks mowing and clean the filter out, every few passes.
We've also been burning tons of brush and "FURNITURE," (NOT OURS) in our hay field.
Thank goodness...our basement has dried out and the smell is gone. After 4 rug shampooings and wall scrubbing, it actually looks like new again.
Ahhhhhh......Nothing like Spring (Oop's, Make That "Fall") Cleaning!
I just popped on here, to take a break. What I would give to be gardening again! I keep thinking...."It's time to be puttting my Beds to Bed."
Oh Well.....I guess it's better then a Volcano???? No matter where you live......something's gonna get ya.....
Blahhhhhhh......... :-/

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Shiza, I'm so glad you got the smell out. Your earlier post on Winter sowing really made me shiver! You guys have come through like champs! If you need any plants/seeds/cuttings, please don't hesitate!

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