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alison(6b/OH)October 29, 2005

I love this time of year! Actually, I love all times of the year except August, but the colors right now are so spectacular. Case in point, this shot of two (I think sugar) maples outside the back door at work. I think the pic looks like one of those old-fashioned hand-painted prints, but it's straight off the camera phone.

Hope you're all enjoying fall where you are!

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gdionelli(z6 WV)

That's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us.

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ellenp(z5 OH)

Some people think Ohio is boring.......not. Time change tonight, so I took the last hour of daylight tonight on the porch swing. We had our first hard freeze last night. I have 2 huge ghinko trees in my front yard, they are a leaf rakers dream. Every leaf dropped between 9:00 and 11:00 this morning. 30 minutes tomorrow and my raking is done. Mother Nature is so cool.........Ellen

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Jeez, who thinks Ohio is BORING? Case in point, Alison's gorgeous picture. There is so much to do in Columbus...we had our big neighborhood party today with the hineygate tv in the culdesac - Schmidts hot potato salad in huge foil pans (didn't save them this year for wS) - that was my contribution.

My ginko isn't ready yet, but I'm waiting for the big drop. I have a new Honda mower with mulch/bag on the fly that I love, so I'm looking forward to the chopped leaves.

Fall is so frantic here - when do we have time to be BORED? Too much fun!

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

WOW! That certainly is gorgeous!!

I don't think Ohio is boring. I think Ohio some of best and most exceptional small towns of anywhere I've been. I love the history of this state. Fall is such an amazing time of year...Ma Nature at her finest.

Thanks for sharing this picture, Alison.


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My father grew up in Kansas and Texas. For 30 years he's felt Ohio in the spring and summer is a bit -- excessive. Jungly green and overwhelming. But since I was a kid, he's always said that: "Autumn is the only justifcation for the Midwest -- and the only justification it needs!"

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princess_mimi(z5 6 OH)

I have been loving every tree and shrub that I see. We drive by the same trees twice everyday going to and from school and it's cool to see how each individual one changes daily.

I still have roses on the one Gina M gave me at the swap last spring. Imagine! Cut flowers from my own garden in November!


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Visions of what used to be....Beautiful Ohio.

My son (college) did a paper on James Thurber recently. Those short stories about life in Columbus are wonderful.

I wouldn't live anywhere else (execept New Mexico).

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clickermel(z6a SW Ohio)


Storygardner, I have to say, Oxford is one of the most beautiful small towns! (Granted, I live just north, in College Corner which could use some, uh, help, but I'm on the zoning commission and doing what I can LOL).

But if you get a chance, Oxford is beautiful -- not just the town but also Hueston Woods State Park, especially this time of year.

:-) Mel

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Well, this is not quite a garden... but it is Ohio! Downtown Columbus, to be more specific; seen from North Bank Park n the Scioto, on 20 November.

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Pretty, Alison. Thanks for posting. I rarely will actually look so closely at our skyline. I am usually driving through it on my way coming or going. I do, however, love to look at the buildings and architecture while walking downtown.

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Marisha(z6 sw OH.)

Hey Mel!
I agree with you about Oxford OH being a lovely small town..I live just southwest of there in a very little place called Darrtown. Where you live in College Corner is nice too!....I've lived in Ohio my whole life and love the changing seasons so much it's hard to pick a favorite.
Allison the pics are very nice, especially the Autumn trees.

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OMG just catching up..Thats sooo pretty..but glad it's spring now. good pic.

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