Himayalan Sweetbox Sarcococca

gardenbug(8b)March 28, 2011

Today I purchased 2 of these to plant on the north side of my house. Can these be planted in 15" wide x 20" deep urns? What should I fertilize them with and when? Do they like moist soil? The urns are placed below the overhang of the house,but I can move them out if I need to. Also, when do these bloom?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Sarcococca can make a good container plant. The dwarf/groundcover form, S. hookeriana var. humilis, tends to sucker or produce a lot of spreading rhizomes so the upright forms may be more suitable.

Anything grown in a container will need care different from the same plant growing in the ground, including attention to watering and some supplemental fertilization. Sarcococca is not a heavy feeder so some slow release fert at time of potting is sufficient for the season. And while rather drought tolerant once established, containerized plants will appreciate periodic thorough watering in the driest parts of our summer.

Sarcococca is valued for its intensely scented flowers that appear in winter. Expect flowering to occur somewhere around late December/early January. And the flower display and aroma lasts for a good month or more.

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Great information Garden Gal.
Wow! blooms at Christmas time? Wonderful.
The tag says: Sarcococca humilis 'Sarsid'
Thanks again for your help.

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