Viburnum tomentosum (doublefile viburnum)

may_flowersMarch 26, 2014

What has been your experience growing this? I know it's a popular viburnum in the PNW. I am in zone 8, near Portland. I am concerned about any diseases and pests. Can it be pruned to control the width? I have about 12' to plant it in. Thank you!

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Other than a susceptibility to Verticillium wilt (as are many other plants), not much bothers the doublefile. Without a doubt one of the most striking shrubs when in flower!

Normally I would not suggest to prune to control width - that very wide, layered branching is one of their premier attributes. But the cultivar 'Summer Snowflake' tends to have a very upright, less spreading habit and can be much more easily kept to a narrower width. Also blooms sporadically throughout summer rather than in one big blast like more traditional cultivars.

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Summer Snowflake looks very promising! Thanks for the suggestion.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

May starve out if nutrient levels not kept up, many local examples have poor foliage color. I had an old 'Mariesii' deteriorate when the bed was not being kept mulched like in the past; fertilization produced a marked but temporary improvement - making it clear an onset of chronic infertility was the issue.

When I have seen it growing wild here - perhaps having spread from cultivation via birds - it was in a deciduous woodland on a river bench, where the soil would both have been fertilized by the river and by the fallen tree leaves.

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My in-laws had a beautiful one in their backyard along a creek and under Douglas firs.

Do either of you know what the rate of growth is for these, especially Summer Snowflake?

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