Artichokes from seeds. . . anyone ever?

maidinmontanaMarch 16, 2009

I posted this on the veg forum before I realized there was one for NO. gardners.

I bought some Art seeds on line last spring, but never planted them. I read they will bolt in hot weather. So I thought about putting them in a 5 gallon bucket so I could move them to the shade if they got too hot.

Here's my ?'s. . .

#1 Our summers rarely get over 100, is that cool enough?

#2 Is our season long enough to grow them?

#3 Should I direct sow or start indoors?

#4 Are last years seeds still viable?

I was going to soak some and stick em in some soil just to see if they are viable, but I only got 5 seeds and they were pretty spendy so I don't want to waste them if they need to be direct sown.

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Bogart(6 Ont.)

Well, if by 'bolting' you mean send up a stalk with flowers on the end, that's kinda exactly what you want with an artichoke. Unless you mean the Jerusalem artichoke, where you eat the tubers, I think???

I've grown artichokes from seed twice in Toronto and yes, our summers are long enough to produce flower stalks and tasty artichokes - but they did need to be started indoors in March/April. This is an excellent ornamental veggie - the flowers, if left to go to seed and not cut off at the bud stage for eating - are quite spectacular, much like a large blue thistle.

Don't know about the viability after a year.

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