Newly planted redbuds losing bark

Cheyenne76November 20, 2013

Hi everyone! I'm new here but have spent some time reading messages from time to time and really like the amount of knowledge that is shared in this forum.

We have several redbud trees that were planted a little over a week ago by a landscape company. The trees are all over about 10 feet high and look well established. We had them planted up near the street since it is the highest part of our property and we have clay soil on fairly flat terrain which doesn't drain the best. A few days ago we were hit with those windy, rainy storms so the ground is quite soggy. I was worried about how our trees are faring since they're pretty new and noticed this morning that 3 of our redbuds have bark that is starting to peel towards the bottom of the tree. Is this something to be concerned about? I did read online that redbuds often shed, but am still worried just knowing how our soil is and having little knowledge of growing trees. One of the trees also almost looks wet from about 3 feet on down to the bottom of the tree, where the rest of the trunk on up looks dry. Is this normal? The rain came through 3 days ago. Sorry if these are silly questions!

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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I had a redbud in TN, and it wasn't unusual for it to lose come chunks of bark, especially where the kids would climb it. The layers underneath would have a somewhat darker appearance, like pavement looks darker when its wet. It had a coating that almost felt like dirt. The tree never seemed to suffer for it.

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