Growing wisteria on pergola at rear patio

yujaiMarch 30, 2011

I love wisteria and has been thinking to make use our existing pergola at the rear patio.

Would it be okay to grow wisteria on it? I read other posts, some people said don't grow on a pergola near the house, some said it's okay as long as your prune it back.

Our pergola is fairly small and it is attached the the house. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks a lot!

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George Three LLC

i've seen wisteria almost take down a 100 foot doug fir.

but yea, cut it back, and cut it out when it gets too big. no biggie. they grow fast, are cheap and easy to replace when they get out of control.

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Wisteria needs a strong support system. The vine climbs by winding its trunk and stems around a support and the force of this - once established and growing well - can be considerable. It can also get very heavy. The suggestion is a minimum of a 4"x4" upright (smaller, including metal pipes, can be pulled out of the ground) and larger may be better.

Pruning is pretty much a requirement to keep wisteria under control. PlantAmnesty has an excellent article on wisteria pruning.

Here is a link that might be useful: PlantAmnesty - pruning wisteria

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I have several wisteria in a large yard. One is on a horizontal trellis about 15 feet wide and 8 feet high. It provides nice shade and of course the flowers are lovely. The trellis is about 5 feet from the house and in July & August we have to trim it back every week or it would latch onto the house. Once I let it go to see what it would do and it wound around the rain downspout in about two weeks. It was tightly wound and I think there are still shreds hanging there.

I have another one at least 10 feet from the garage on a pergoda and that one has to be trimmed several times a year.

These are 20 year old wisteria but I guess it depends on how often you like to trim.

Another thing to think about, they are kind of messy when the flowers are done and falling off. Plus, some people are freaked by all the bees. When they are in full bloom they are buzzing!

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wannadanc(z8 WA)

I made the huge mistake of planting wisteria next to the house after providing it with what seemed to be a sturdy arbor, with the arbor anchored to the front of the house. The result? The wisteria found its way UNDER the roofing, as well as pulling the arbor away from the house. Eventually a chainsaw was needed to end the strangle hold. HOWEVER, the roots are still alive and well down under everything - and I have to be extremely diligent to keep those rising tendrils from getting any secure purchase on anything.

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