Tomatoes From Seed -- is April 10 Too Late?

plantinellen(5)March 19, 2012

Hello! We are in Florida right now on some extended family business that is going to keep us here through the 7th of April. I always like to start most of my tomatoes from seed so I can plant hard-to-find heirlooms, but we're stuck here during the time I usually get my seeds started. Do you think my 'maters will do okay in mid-Michigan if I plant the seeds by April 10? I seem to recall my late aunt -- a master gardener before there were such things -- advising me that even late-planted tomatoes will catch up to store-bought plants if the weather is right. (I'll add that we drive a Prius, so plant shopping here to take back up north is NOT an option!) Thanks for your advice.

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I would go ahead and try it. I have mine going right now and since the days are so mild, I put them out during the day and bring them in at night. Even if they're small when planted out you can cover them with a frost blanket if you think there will be a late frost.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Back in the day, my mother would start tomatoes from seed outside the last week of May and always had nice crop. You'll be fine.


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If you have a place to grow them that will let them have good growing conditions and your weather is good they should be fine. I always start mine from seed in the greenhouse the last week of April to be set out after the first week of June and I have good sized plants to set out. We always have a good crop of tomatoes

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zucchini(5a ONT)

i just started mine yesterday..a but later than most years...they get very tall by the time I plant them out in early June. And I notice that if I do start a few later they catch up once they are outside..Martha zucchini

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