ID me, please

ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))May 1, 2010

Hey have some thing I planted for the plant sale ( 120 Stockwell dr avon MA today an tomorrow 10 to 5.)

And I lost the tags.. or they got taged wrong. Any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: ID needed

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The one labeled slightly fuzzy no scent looks just like foxglove.

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The one labeled "Weed or plant?" is not familiar to me, but the way all those pots have the same thing growing in them makes me say "plant not weed" and maybe someone else can give you an ID. Insect damage is another indicator that this is a plant you want, since weeds in general seem more immune to bugs.

The third one looks quite a lot like a leafy green that comes back for me every year out of a lettuce mix I planted way back when. I have never seen seedlings of "Joe's coat or love lies bleeding" though, so I can't rule those out.

You might post one photo of each on the name that plant forum - they're very helpful there. But I wouldn't bother with the first group since I'm really sure those are foxglove as I said earlier.

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I agree with DtD on the foxglove. The ones in the Proven Winner pots look like a Campanula.

The second unknown looks like some type of nightshade (genus Solanum) a weed. Does it have an odd odor? If so, it's Solanum.

"Weed should be more upright" looks like a weed to me, pigweed (genus Amaranthus.)

(Can you tell there are lots of opportunities in my garden to ID weeds; it's what I get for using horse manure . . . but it's free, so I weed and mulch.)

A great book I just got is called 'Weeds of the Northeast" by Uva, Neal, & Ditomaso. Has keys, good photos, and seems to be pretty complete. You can google for images to check also.

Keep that tomato hornworm!!!!! It has been parasitized by a tiny nonstinging wasp. The white things are the wasp eggs. The hornworm won't eat any more of the tomato, the little wasps will hatch out and will parasitize other horn worms. (They eat the hornworms from the inside out . . . gross, but helpful in controlling the hornworms.) Just so it's clear - the wasps won't bother you (I don't even know what they look like & they are definitely in my garden) so don't worry that they are called wasps.

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

OK check do not kill the VERY Ugly bug that is a wasp hotel....
I am LOL'ing at the simple truth " weeds are more bug resistant" smacks head... that is amazingly true and SIMPLE

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