Full Sun Hosta?

mandyy12August 1, 2013

HI. Can anyone tell me what Hostas will take a lot ,to full sun?? We would like to put 2 out front of our house.
The only one I know of at the moment is Sum & Substance.

Thanks for any help you can give me


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How much sun are we talking? At what time of day? Any hosta out in the sun, especially afternoon sun, will need a lot more water than usual.

That being said, most of the fragrant hostas will do well in hot sun. Some I have in afternoon sun here are: 'Fragrant Bouquet', 'Squash Casserole', 'Fried Bananas', 'Stained Glass', 'Cathedral Windows', 'Sunny Delight' and 'Guacamole'.

There are many others that might do ok. It would be good to get specific info on the amount of sunlight (in hours) and what time of day the sun will hit the plants.

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Thanks for your quick reply.All day , full late afternoon sun. We have a small red Japanese maple In the centre & would like to put hosta on each side of the tree.
The extra water is not a problem.
I tried to include a photo taken this evening about 6:pm of the spot in question.

Hope that helps.


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I have a sunny spot, and I'm ordering 'Raucous Ruffles' because it supposedly performs well in 1/2 day or more of sun. I'll try it and see what happens.


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donrawson(Z 5)

Here's a list which may be helpful: Sun Tolerant Hostas

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tepelus z6a SW MI

You can add Seducer to that already extensive list, mine is in sun for most of the day, especially the hottest part, and does well, though it has a little burn on the edges. It seems to get its best color there, and it's a gorgeous hosta.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

That rock mulch could be a problem as it will act as a heat intensifier in full sun. The rocks will intensify the heat in mid-summer. You might need drip irrigation in that area to give the Hosta what the moisture they will need in full sun.


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Try a Paradigm there. Inexpensive, but whatever you put there - give it a couple of years at least to get the roots going.


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idiothe(4 MN)

That is a brutal spot for a hosta... as already noted, rock mulch is a poor choice for hostas... the rock holds way too much heat long into the night... also the mass of the brick wall will hold and reflect heat into the evening...

also the brick reflects a lot of light, making it even brighter than just the direct sun... like the way you get a double-sunburn on a boat on water due to reflected light. I'm assuming, from the full day sun comment, that this is also a south-facing wall.

So - I'd second the nomination for the fragrant plants with plantaginea heritage... Fragrant Bouquet, Guacamole, Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried Bananas, Stained Glass, Cathedral Windows, Holy Mole, Avocado, Cerveza, Mojito, Tortilla chip, Ming Treasure... and good old plantaginea, for that matter. There's a full color palate except for pure white, so you can do great complementary planting with these... and enjoy the fragrance as well...

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