Southern blight on The Razor's Edge

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)August 22, 2012

My plant is dead. It died a horrible death after looking so beautiful that I bought it a big fancy pot.

I think ignorance is bliss, because until I knew about Southern blight, it never struck my garden in all the years I've been digging the dirt. Now it took one of my favorites.

Here is The Razor's Edge (with Moonstruck beside it) in its glory days:

And here it is as of yesterday afternoon.

I am really disgusted with what happened to it. A couple of days before, it was fine. It isn't even as hot as it was. The rain had stopped for about two or three days, and I've been so busy with heavy duty garden chores that I failed to do my usual complete garden walkabout. Just cannot turn my back for a minute, something is ready to gobble up the hosta. Knowing that we are the last outpost of hostadom, I guess I should accept that some distease can come to stressed plants. It fills me with chagrin though. Maybe I'll become obsessive-compulsive like Monk, going around touching each plant to keep it safe.

Out it goes with the garbage. And I've ordered a new The Razor's Edge this morning from Hornbaker, where I got the first one. (Plus a few more to console me for the loss.)

I looked for the other Southern blight thread, and it fell off the edge of the world already.....

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Oh gads, I sure hope that's the only hosta that gets it.

Be sure to give that pot a good soak in bleach water before you re-use it!

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Yeah, it is disgusting. I plan to toss it pot and all. It feels bad even posting the photo next to that of a healthy hosta. :/

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jan_on zone 5b

So Sad, and of course it would attack a favourite and not just a plain old green with a white edge. Murphy probably has a law about that.

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bernd ny zone5

I did not see the little spheres at the rotten end of leaves, but I had 3 hostas with crown rot. It might be of interest here what I did with them. I dug the plants out of the soil, removed all lose leaves, shook off the soil and placed soil and leaves into garbage. I cut out the mushy part of the crown, washed out all soil, gave the plant a 10% bleach bath for 1 hour, rinsed it and planted it into a pot with well draining mix, the crown above the mix. The plants survived and are growing, are getting some fungicide into their water. I also put the upper few inches of soil into the garbage.

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Bernd, when you say some fungicide in their water, just what sort of fungicide are you mixing with the water?

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bernd ny zone5

I use Bonide Captan on crown rot which is also recommended for applying on seedlings. Note that I do not have Southern Blight against which you would need what don_r recommended in another thread.

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