wanted: no herbicide/pesticide lawncare help

dllfb(Ontario 5a)March 24, 2008

Guelph, in Southern Ontario, is passing a law soon, of no herbicides or pesticides for lawn care. Can anyone give me any tips as to a weedless lawn (other than get the knife out!) I'd like to know what kind of "NATURAL" solutions people are using..that work! We have a lot of dandilions in this neighbourhood along with chickweek, clovers and moss. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi there! My first suggestion would be to check with the horticultural department at local universities/colleges, and with any garden clubs in your area. They usually have fantastic ideas that work. Also there are many different lines of all natural garden products that kill weeds and pests... I know I have seen them in the Veseys catalog, as well as in Home Depot and Walmart... the brand that stands out in my mind is "Safers". Another option is to eliminate portions of the lawn (which takes a lot of water and upkeep) and replace it with low maintenance groundcovers (there are many that can tolerate high tramping, and usually won't allow too many weeds to poke through) or flower beds. I hope this helps! Good luck! :)

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