Best place to sell a Japanese maple?

thane(z8 Bellevue, WA)March 31, 2007

There's a very large and lovely Japanese maple in my back yard. If I liked Japanese maples, this would be my favorite plant. Sadly, I don't really like Japanese maples.

Since I've seen other Japanese maples of this size going for upwards of $1,000 in nurseries, it occurs to me that maybe I could sell it. I know that you can't do that on gardenweb, so my question is: Are there any mailing lists or web sites that would be good for advertising this kind of thing? I thought of Craigs List, but they don't really have a plant/gardening section, and I didn't really see a lot of plants listed in the other areas.

Also, I was thinking of saying that the buyers would have to dig and transport the tree themselves, and lowering the price to reflect this. Do you think this would go over well? Or should I be prepared to dig it myself and offer it to anyone who can come pick it up?

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mdvaden_of_oregon(NW Oregon)

Look up Big Trees Today in the Portland area, and see if they know someone in your area who may buy and transplant.

They grow and buy big specimens, but I don't think they do in your area.

A digital image will help a lot.

The location and access can make or break the value.

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Don't be too surprised if it dies after transplanting. You haven't been root-pruning it, so it's going to be severely damaged by digging. And Japanese maples are kind of touchy anyway.

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thane(z8 Bellevue, WA)

Thanks for the input. I will definitely post a photo when I list it for sale somewhere. I should have thought of root pruning it, maybe I will do that now for transplanting in the fall.

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goofyisgreen(Z8 PacNW)

Agree that at this point, best to watit to transplant in the fall, between late Nov. thru January.

Also agree that they are touchy plants--could still die even
if you do everything right.

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schizac(z8 Edmonds WA)

Try Plant Amnesty, they have an "adopt a plant" program. Also Big Trees Inc in Snohomish, they often purchase and dig fine specimens.

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I have one in CT area that everyone tells me is worth 6,000 - 7,000 but no one seems to know where to sell it... any suggestions?

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