HAVE: 'kiss of Satan' chilli pepper seeds

HotPepperDad(arctic)February 16, 2005

Bacio di Satana is an Italian Cherry Chilli pepper-Ciliegia Piccante.

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njdjs(6 OK)

I moved to OK in July 02...boy I love it here....Still triing to learn how to make some of the foods from here....got the ole Frito chili pie down pat now...But I got a couple people who love very hot spicey things so what is the hottest pepper that I can get??? would love to grow some here but don't know what I'm looking for. Thanks

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Well, Sconfer (sp?) is probably the best source of info on growing peppers here in OK.
I just moved here last year, but if the first year is any indication-this is the place to grow hot peppers.
Everything I grew did wonderfully.

The hottest peppers I have personally grown are Habaneros.
These are fruity tasting, but with a burn only true hot pepper fanatics crave. These are the peppers used for Jamaican jerk chicken recipes.
I really like the red habanero, but many people prefer the chocolate.
Fatali is a habanero-type pepper that is extrememly hot, with a distinct background citrus flavor.

The other pepper to try that is just a notch below the habanero in hotness is Orange Thai peppers. Tiny, but they pack a whallop.

I am trying a new pepper this season, its a polish heirloom called Cyklon. Check out the postings this summer and I'll be sure to let you know how these do.

Sorry I can't offer many of these for trade, but I'm still about a year away from growing out all desired varieties.

If you want any of the Ciliegia Piccante seeds however, I have plenty that were sent me in a trade. I'm more than happy to spread the wealth!
Let me know.

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