HAVE: Have lots of cannas,

perky14uFebruary 24, 2009

Lots of nice healthy canna tubers - some of red, some are yellow and orange together. Leaves are all the brighter green with no red in the leaves. Can't really tell them apart until they bloom unfortunately, so I don't know which you would be getting. I would love some dahlias or caladium. I have iris and glads, but would love other bulbs or tubers, or perenials.

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Would love all the cannas you can send, will reimburse shipping. Do you still have any?

I have purple wisteria; vinning honeysuckle (yellow/white flowers); full shade evergreen ivy (beautiful dark green leaves with attractive light veining, white "common lilac" (the kind they sell in the bareroot packages at Lowes and Walmart).

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