WANTED: Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato seeds

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)February 12, 2007

Last year, some generous and kind lady on the list shared some of these seeds with me, but I'll be dog gone if I can find the packet of seeds or the envelope they came in, for that matter. I can't recall who it was either. I was so sick last year and there is no telling where I put them.

If someone has any of these seeds they might be willing to send me for an SASE, just a few would do, I would so appreciate it.

I haven't ever grown or tasted them. If and when I find the ones she sent to me last year, I will share them with others for an SASE.

Thanks you guys!

~ Annie

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I have these seeds.
If you are interested, send me a PM with your snail mail addy and I'll send you some.
These are my favorite tomatoes, as the birds can't tell when they are ripe and so leave them alone.

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Thank you for the offer.
I appreciate that very much.
However, I just received some of these seeds from a person on the Seed Exchange forum, so no need for you to have to bother. I'm going to start some seeds today, in fact.

I've heard they are a most delicious tomato. Can't wait to grow them and find out for myself!

Glad to hear that birds don't bother with the Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomatoes. The last three years of drought have been hard on us all, including the wild birds and other creatures. I have had problems with birds pecking my tomatoes. Never had them do that before, so am sure it was caused by the severe drought. Poor things! How they must have suffered!

Usually I just feed the birds in winter, but I have continued feeding them year round since the drought became severe. Last year the little thieves got all my pie cherries - while they were still green, and then they got my June peaches! I guess I ought to get some bird netting and cover the dwarf fruit trees.

Isn't this the most amazing weather? I just love it. With all the blooming trees and shrubs and the daffodils and Jonquils, it's the prettiest my yard has look in several years! Isn't it just amazing what gentle weather and rainfall will do? - hehehe

Thanks again.
Happy Gardening!

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