WANTED: plants for okc plant swap: april 30

mrsfrodo(z7 OK)March 24, 2005

I have reserved the South Will Rogers pavillion ("the castle") for a plant swap on April 30 from 1-3PM. This is located at NW 30th and Portland in Oklahoma City.

This is what I am hoping to bring. Let me know if you would like to trade for them. I am just now getting my seeds planted, and I will make sure I have extra.

A few tomatoes: brandwine, San Marzano, Prize of the Trails, could also plant Red House Freestaning.

A few cucumbers: armenian and mideast prolific

Herbs: epazote, borage, basils: sweet, lemon, lime

Flowers: to be determined

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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

I forgot: My husband loves cayennes- Is there pepper lover who might have one or two to spare?

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I have
Clary Sage
Yellow Lavender
Lambs Ear
one Mexican Oregano
Variegated Mint Pineapple
I started some sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. But they are taking their sweet time.
Obedient Plant
A few Sedum's
One peony
some creeping phlox Purple.
I could dig up some crown vetch If some wants a starts
I have 2 aloe noid they stay on the small side and grow kind of fan shaped
one banana tree

I want
Tall Phlox
Sedum's I don't have
Candy stripe Creeping Phlox
Shasta Daisy
I would try about any thing I haven't tried yet

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I should be able to come.

I have:
Canna 'Intrigue'
Daffodil bulbs - yellow - currently in pots
Crocus bulbs - mixed
Muscari (grape hyacinths)

I want:
Creeping phlox
Dwarf Mondo grass

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Well now, I've learned another important Oklahoma Gardening lesson.
The wind here not only comes sweeping down the plains, but it also burns young maters to death!
Notwithstanding, I should have some of the following for the swap:
Maters (all heirloom varieties):
Cherokee Purple
Cherokee Red
Reisenstraub Red Cherry
Galina Yellow Cherry
Wisconsin 55
and maybe a couple of Hellfucht.

Depending on what survives hardening off, I may have some:
Cayenne peppers (unnamed variety)
Buran sweet peppers (Polish heirloom)(only a couple)
Cubanelle sweet peppers.

If anyone is interested, I could pot up some Oregano, russian sage, Cinnamon Basil, spearmint (I think) or Thyme.


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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

HPD: I am definetly interested in a Cherokee Red and a cayenne if any survive. I'm hoping the plants I put out today survive the wind also. What are looking for? Would you like lemon or lime basil?

All: I also have Autumn Joy Sedums. (WindSurfGirl: I'll put your name on a few since I didn't have enough last year)

I am looking for heirloom tomatoe Arkansas Traveler and the "Ugly" tomato.

Happy Gardening!

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windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)

I have the Arkansas Traveler mrsfrodo! I'll be sure to save you one - or do you need more?

I'll post a list later of what things I'll have. I will have some heirloom tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers.


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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

May I have 2 Arkansas Travelers, WindSurfGirl?

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Clara_Listensprechen(z7 OK)

If I had known about this swap like in February, I could have started extra heirloom tomato plants specifically for the event; I started only what I wanted to grow for myself, darn it.

I do need to thin out my aloes and it looks like that's the only plant I can be definite about bringing. Depending on how planting goes, I may bring some Grand Bell bell peppers and other stuff that I may discover I have no room for after all. Too early to tell what's what at this point, tho.

What I'm gonna have to do is make a point to plan better for next year.

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windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)

I took an inventory of some of my plants for the swap. I'll have the following heirloom tomatoes - Sioux, Porter, Arkansas Traveler, Mule Team, Mortgage Lifter, Boxcar Willie, Amish Paste and Galina.
I'll also have some hot peppers - Chilipeno, Salsa, and Concho. Plus a few heirloom sweet peppers - Corno Di Toro and Quatro D'asti Rosso.
I'll have some catnip, oregano, garlic chives and possibly some fennel. There may be more but we'll just have to see how much time I have to continue digging.....


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Mrs Frodo,
I'll have to look to see if the wind spared any more of the Cherokee Reds. If so, you'll be first on the list.
I would love sedum if you have any extras.

WSG-Those Galina seeds you sent-what monstrous plants they produce!
I don't think I can bring any to the swap as they will be much too large for transplanting! Maybe a couple as potted plants?
I really had a problem with damping off and wind breakage, so I'm not sure how much I'll have to bring. I'll have some small cherokee purples and Brandywines, and whatever extras don't go in the garden (darn cutworms are really trying my patience!)
But I'll be there with HotDogs and 2 year olds!

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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

HPD- I will bring both the Autum Joy Sedum and a Frosty Morning Sedum for you.

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rjj1(Norman OK Zone7)

It looks like IÂll miss all the fun. Daddies little gymnastÂs 6-month season finally winds down with the state meet that weekend.


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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

HPD- Is the Cinnamon Basil still available?
PlanterMum- I have a few Shasta Daisies with your name on them. I got 2 pots of 2 plants each at my firt swap. I got them in October and by spring they had multipled (they are in a protected place).

Happy Gardening!

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windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)

Now HPD who in the world gave you permission to bring 2 year olds!?! LOL (just kidding)
Those Galina do grow fast don't they? The ones I am bringing are almost too big and they already have blooms.


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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

I have Hoya cuttings I could take. I have a collection of around 500! Any Hoya lovers in here that would be interested?
I have some freckles outdoor violets I could dig from outside. They went nuts last year re-seeding.
I could take some rose cuttings if anyone has luck rooting them?
I need to thin my iris's. They are a brownish purple with a violet edge.
My bf and I would be interested in sedums, dwarf or stay small pond plants, elephant ears and caladiums. Any takers?
In another post on this subject I also agree to supply the hot dog buns.,,,Debbie

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Mrs Frodo,
I have a few very small starts of the cinamon basil, I'll bring those along with all my leftover seeds in case anyone is interested.

Does anyone have any Lavendar?
Every time I start some, they sprout, start to grow then disappear.
Its driving me nuts!

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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Since Im new to this forum I have a question concerning the plant swapping at the meet. Thus far no one has showed any interest to what I have to offer,,,which is fine because I understand Im new to outdoor gardening so havent anything spectacular to share yet,,haha. So do I bring the plants anyway? How is the swapping set up,,,,do we bargain prior to the 30th so we know what to dig/cut to bring or is there a grab table or how?
I really wouldnt want to cut the Hoya's if no one is interested nor dig the violets and iris to only bring them back home to replant. UGH! haha.
Please dont think Im trying to be difficult,,,thats not my intention. Im just wanting to understand how the swapping works.,,,,Debbie

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windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)

Yes bring your plants anyway. Bargaining prior to the swap is fine, and fun, but you don't have to have any prior swaps set up. I usually post what I have so if someone just has to have some I can save one for them. I will bring lots of things no one has shown an interest in. Most things I dig are extra anyway and if I don't swap or give them away I'll take them home and give them to someone else.
In fact Debbie I'm interested in your hoya and violets but I don't know if I will have anything you are interested in. I have lots of pond plants but nothing dwarf or small. I do have an elephant ear plant I could bring you.

Last year we all put our plants on tables and just walked around looking. If I saw something I wanted I ask for it and then the person would go to my table and see if I had something they wanted. I gave alot of plants away that I did not get a trade for and was perfectly happy to share with everyone. When I got plants in trade I usually put them UNDER my table so everyone would know they were off limits.
Let me know if you have any more questions!


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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Thanks WindsurfGirl for the explaination on how the swapping works!
Do you have any Hoya's already? Please email me a list if you do. I may bring a couple mature plants also.
Ill get some violets ready this weekend if possible. If not I will during the week.,,,Debbie

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sarab(z7 OK)

mrsfrodo-I'd love to try some epazote! (Next month I'm doing a couple of cooking classes involving Mexican food, I know the instructor uses epazote.)

I don't have much to bring, but have a few extra ancho chile plants, and I don't know what else until I get some re-potting dome today.


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njdjs(6 OK)

Darn! I really wanted to go to the plant swap. I won't be able to make it.I am on a fire department and take collections of items for families who get burnt out of their house and I promised this weekend I would take the time to stop by a couple houses and pick up things they would like to donate.I don't want to break my promise since these people are being nice enough to donate things....Hmmm maybe they will donate a plant to me since I am missing the swap...LOL...Everyone take notes and let me know how it goes. *sniff* I really want to go.

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debbutkus(z7 OK)


I am new to OKC and plan on attending this weekend, but I only have rooted Jade plant cuttings to offer. Hopefully I'll have some takers!

See you this weekend,

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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

Just FYI for those expecting lime basil or epazote. Since I was sick these got started late. They have sprouted, but have not had a growth spurt. I keep hoping for several days of warm weather to help them along, but that has been wishful. I will bring them for any taker. They will give us all a good laugh.

I have some sedums spoken for, but should have one or two extra. I have two extra Shasta Daisies, and a rooted trumpeter vine cutting. Lots of star of bethelehem bulbs. Time willing, pink oxalis, wild onions, and garden sage may be thrown in.

Anyone interested in a free red rose bush- and willing to dig and move- may take it.

If anyone has any of the following I would be interested:
Lily of the Valley, Cardinal Flower, tarragon, evenning primrose, red or white flowers for full shade, stella day lilies.........

See you Saturday Deb.

Happy Gardening!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Mrs. Frodo,

I can bring you some cardinal flower seeds and I can dig up some evening primrose plants for you if the kind you want is the showy pink evening primrose. Let me know. I also have 4 tomato plants sitting on my driveway with your name on them--from a post long, long ago: think the 4 are Yellow Pear, Arkansas Traveler, Ugly and Beefmaster.

I'll be bringing the rest of my excess tomato plants--mostly hybrids as I've given away most of the heirlooms already. They are quite large and want to be planted!

I do have some VERY TINY heirlooms started from seeds I got in a trade earlier this month. They are barely sprouted, but I might bring them if any heirloom tomato afficianados are looking for Aunt Ginny's Purple, Marianna's Peace, Cherokee Chocolate or maybe Earl's Faux (only 2 of the Earl's Faux have sprouted though, so I might part with one).

I'll be bringing lots of packs of seeds, especially tomato seeds for the seed bin, and some flower seeds as well.

In the plant area, I've been digging and thinning and will have at least the following (and maybe others depending on what I get done today and tomorrow):

Black-eyed Susan Vine
Four O'Clocks
Veronica--blue flowered
Pink & Purple Cleome from a mixed planting
Verbena Bonariensis (this is the tall one with little purple flower heads on the end of slender stalks; very heat tolerant and attracts butterflies like crazy)

I'm sure I'll come up with more but I'll have to get off the computer and go outside and get some work done!!!



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orchidtrader(z7 ok)

I've never been to anything like this and I plant to come and check it out .I was wondering if anyboby has any Brugs for trading ? I have lots to trade and can not bring everthing please check my trade list and I also have some things not listed like bronze leaf fennel , clary sage , basil's ,chives ect ... and if you do not see it ask . I do not have everything listed .

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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

OKieDeb: Can you describe the violets. I'm interested and will save you a sedum.

PlanterMunn- The mexican oregano sounds intriquing. Your Shasta has been dug and I am babying it.

Okie Dawn- Hmmmmm. Do you want my first born child? Thanks for keeping the tomatos for so long. My husband is looking forward to the Ugly tomato especially. The primrose offer is appreciated, but I am looking for the yellow evenning primrose. If the four-o-clocks and black-eyed susan vine are still available, I'm interested. Can you tell how big the verbena is and what color the flowers are? Lastly, what are you looking for?

Orchidtrader: Are the Stellas or the clematis available? What are you looking for?

FYI- I understand if it is too late for any of you to prepare these plants.

Happy Gardening! See you Saturday!

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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

orchidtrader you have mail!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Mrs. Frodo,

I'll let you keep your first-born child! lol The tomato plants are rather large, and except for taking a beating from the wind a little now & then, and getting too dry once or twice, they've been fine. My driveway will be quite lonely once they leave our home for yours (grinning).

The four o'clocks and black-eyed susan vine are still available, and I'm bringing lots of each.

The verbena bonariensis forms a mound about one foot in diameter. Then very thin, tall stalks shoot up. At the top of the stalks you will have tiny cluster of lilac-colored flowers. The stalks also branch out some, and flowers form on each branch. The bees and butterflies fight over the flowers. If you deadhead by cutting the flowering stalks off near the ground, the plant will re-bloom over and over again. It is a very light and airy plant, amazingly tough and drought-resistant. Sometimes reseeds itself.

I've attached a link with a picture of verbena for your viewing pleasure.

And, what am I looking for? Just about any herb or veggie. Or flower. Or anything else. I'm not picky and I like trying new things, so anything you have to trade is fine. And, if you run out of things to trade, that's fine too.

Thank you so much for all the work you've done to organize the swap. I hope you know how much your efforts are appreciated!

The 2 verbena photos are at the bottom of the linked page.


Here is a link that might be useful: Verbena details/photo

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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)


The Verbena looks great. I have a passion for purple flowers. I'll have to find something special for the number of items you are brining for me.

Happy Gardening

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A final note to all:
Bring what you have, don't be timid about bringing small seedlings, seeds, or even nothing at all if your just getting started. Believe me, you won't go home empty handed!
The purpose of this is to meet and greet our fellow OK gardeners and to share share share!

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Thanks MrsFrodo I will save that oragano for you.

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windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)

Everyone please note the start time is NOON. The orginal plan was for 1:00 but mrsfrodo managed to get the pavillon for a little bit longer time so it will be NOON to 3:00.
I spent some time potting up some more plants last night. And I'd like to also restate what HPD said - don't worry if you don't have lots of plants or even anything at all. Just come and meet everyone. I'm bringing so many plants I bet I'll have something to send home with you. This is called a swap but I think my favorite part is giving plants away. :)


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debbutkus(z7 OK)

I have a question.

I am bringing some rooted Jade plant cuttings. Currently I have them planted in a tray, they are not in individual pots and I don't have enough pots to plant them in. Is that OK? I figured I'd bring some small dixie cups with me and just "dig" them up and put them in the cup as they are taken. Is this acceptable?


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


You are so right!!! I am excited about the plants/seeds that I will be bringing home with me, of course, but I am much more excited about meeting everybody in person!

Can't wait until tomorrow!


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windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)

Sure Deb, that will work. I'd love to have one!


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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

Dixie cups will fit right in at the swap. As a matter of fact, I found a few from a previous swap, that may be recycled. Many of the plants I am bringing are in folgers cans. One good thing about having a swap at a park is any loose dirt can easily be swept out. Large scale potting is probably a bad idea, but what Deb is describing sounds fine.

Let me add my invitation along with WindSurfGirls and HotPepperDad to join us Saturday evenning if you are worried you don't have many plants. We all love to share are plants. You will be suprised what you will have to swap in a two years.

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sarab(z7 OK)

HPDad, I can take a few cuttings from my Grosso lavender and bring them to the swap if you don't mind babying them along until they develop roots. Grosso is a great lavender variety, IMO.


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