WANTED: Freebies Anyone?

mattsarmymomMarch 27, 2006

We're new to the garden forums so bare with us. We lost all of our plants and seeds and belongings, you name it, to Katrina and are looking for some gracious garden fairies to send us some cuttings/etc. for flowering plants, etc. We're open to just about anything that will grow in the Tulsa/Sand Springs area. We don't have anything right now to trade or exchange for, but with a little luck and good gardening skills, we will have things before long so we can pay it forward. If you would like to contribute to our new garden and landscaping, please email us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for anything you can do!

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Just wanted to update that I'm in the process now of drying out some grape tomatoe seeds. Should be ready in a few weeks. Hopefully I'll at least have these to trade soon if anyone is interested. Thanks. Jane

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So sorry to hear about your adventure with Miss K - I have some extra stuff, especially plastic pots (oh, do I have those!) in which you could start seeds. I will be going to the New Leaf Garden Fest on April 8 and could bring you some stuff if you were planning to go to that (It is a good nursery, good prices and a good cause)
Let me know

Here is a link that might be useful: new leaf

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A huge thank you to all that have generously sent us seeds to help us get started again. We look forward to building up some trades to help pay back.

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Clara_Listensprechen(z7 OK)

I'm arriving at this thread a li'l late, and I have to assume that you have things already. Is there anything remaining on your wish list?

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Sorry to not have gotten back online since the end of May - we were finally able to repair our house on the coast, sell it and buy one outside of Tulsa and get moved in. So it's been busy. Then there was the job hunt which turned out beautifully. Now I'm able to get back online from time to time. Especially to Clara, thanks for the offer as far as my wish list. What I'm craving these days are fruits (tree or vine - fig, hearty kiwi, berries, etc.) and color - tons of color. I am now at a point where I have some seeds to trade - datura, tons of different tomatoes, some various flowers. So Clara if you have something to trade and I've got what you want, drop me an email. I can give you a more up to date list of trades at that time if your interested. I think I'll drop you an email Sunday. Thanx!

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