WANTED: Anyone Growing Raspberries or Figs

mattsarmymomMarch 31, 2006

Is anyone in NE Oklahoma growing raspberries and figs? Since we're new to area, not sure what will grow here. Any pointers for good nurseries to go to? Thanks. Ladybug

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Please check my trades list of seeds. Thanks.

Ladybug (Jane)

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i am growing raspberries, and they grow wild here, so you should be fine on those. but most figs are only hardy to zone 8, ive seen hardy figs down to zone 6 though, so with a bit of searching and good luck, you shuld be fine.

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Clara_Listensprechen(z7 OK)

I grow both raspberries and figs in Enid, which is more akin to the Texas panhandle desert hardpan than is northeastern OK as far as native soil condition, low humidity, and summer temperatures go. But we still have harsh winters here; after the last one, I thought I had lost one of my figs, but it's coming back, thank goodness. That would be the Italian Honey that I mail ordered from Parks.

I can't recommend a local nursery because I've mailordered all of mine, so what I CAN say is: I can recommend Brown Turkey fig as good to Zone 5 and I'm currently in the process of evaluating what goes only by the name of "Hardy Fig".

You CAN grow figs north of the specified zones if you treat 'em like a Canadian might treat a rose: when it goes dormant at first frost, dig gently around the roots just enough so that you can bend the stalks over onto the ground, and then bury 'em til spring. Put a good thick layer of leaves on top, a foot thick at least.

Or go to a junkyard and get a tub out of an old washer and plant your fig in that, put the tub on rollers, and roll it in and out of the garage every winter. Brown Turkey is just as happy in a tub as out in the yard, FYI.

As for raspberries-if they grow wild out in your area, no problem. In my area I have to worry about the organic content of the soil and good drainage because to get established, raspberry roots need dampness but will rot if totally wet. And the soil dries out SUPERFAST in my area.

Good luck!

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Clara - you see that I'm just getting back online again. As I posted in a response to you today from your post of 5/23 under 'freebies' we repaired our house on the coast after Katrina, sold it, bought one outside Tulsa, moved in and I went to work. So I'm not onlne as often as I used to be. Anyway, back to the topic at hand - thanks so much for the info (EVERYONE!) - I am so interested in growing figs, hearty kiwi, raspberries, all berries actually. I will use all of your information wisely and hopefully produce some fruit one day. THANKS EVERYONE for responding.

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