WANTED: Have seeds and bulbs, plus a shopping list.

wbonesteel(7)May 26, 2013

For trade or...

The vegetable and squash seeds for trade were all hand pollinated.

Heirloom watermelon. Orange flesh. Dozens of seeds. Seeds were traded to us last summer. Planting three in a hill, two thirds of the seeds we've planted have sprouted.
Snow peas. Dozens of seeds. We planted over sixty of the same seeds this year, all but half a dozen sprouted, grew and produced.

Buttercrisp/crunch lettuce. Hundreds of seeds. We've plantd them. They grew.
Spinach. Hundreds of seeds. All but a few of what we planted this spring sprouted and matured.

Pumpkin seeds. Large variety. 50 plus pounds. Orange in color. Hundreds of seeds. (still waiting for the new plantings to sprout)
Green melon (kinda like a honeydew hybrid.) Dozens of seeds.

Cantaloupe. Hundreds of seeds.

Spaghetti squash. A couple dozen seeds.

Butternut squash. Over a hundred seeds.

Acorn squash. Four or five dozen seeds.

'Mystery" squash: A few dozen.

"Mystery" watermelon. About a dozen. Could be Baby Sweet or an hierloom. Dunno for sure.

We have approx three hundred tall bearded irises, mostly violet in color. Willing to trade a few dozen of those for something else.

More ornamental onions than we can count. (resembles a christophi, but grows eighteen inches tall with purple blooms that resemble a sparkler on the fourth of July.)
trading futures:

This summer and/or fall;

Hollyhock seeds, when they go to seed later this summer.

Jumbo garlic and a run of the mill unknown variety. Good, strong flavor from both. (A few dozen of the latter are still on hand, stored above the fridge.)

Next year;

Some lavender plants and/or seeds.

Mebbe...mebbe a few of our early season strawberries.

Two or three years from now;
Gladiolus bulbs and Blazing Star corms.

Shopping List:

(Smaller plants preferred. Seeds ok, too.)

Saskatoon. 2 each.

Hansen's bush cherry. 2 each.

(plus, Carmine Jewel bush cherry. 2 each)

Jostaberry. 2 each.

Paw-paw trees. 2 each.

Blackberry bush and/or canes. Need minimum of 3 each. The larger the berries when fruiting, the better.

Raspberry bush/canes. Need minimum of 3 each. Prefer heritage varieties, but...

Spice Bush. 2 each.

White currant. 1 each.

American persimmon. Female. One each. (Meader American will do.)

Red Currant. 1 each.

Tay and logan berries. Minimum 2 or 3 each.

Belle of Georgia Peach. 1 each.

York elderberry. 2 each.

Huckleberry. 2 each.

Blueberry. 2 each. Chandler and Patriot or almost any blueberry with large fruit.

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Would love some iris. No name no problem. I have a greenhouse so can start whatever you want. Interested? In Sulphur, north of Ardmore, east of Davis!

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