Early july bloomers

saypoint(6b CT)May 17, 2013

Hi all,
I'm planning on hosting a wedding for a family member the first week of July. Unfortunately, when my hard drive failed a while back, I lost all of my garden photos and journal, so I don't have a good record of what was happening in the garden. I know it's usually a slow time in the garden. I expect the Shasta 'Becky' to be blooming, along with lavender, Russian sage, maybe some mid-season daylilies, hydrangea. I'm aiming for a blue and white theme for flowers, but may have to use what's available.
I'm in coastal CT, zone 6 more or less. If anyone can report what they've had blooming that time of summer, along with any suggestions for stuff I can plant that will bloom in a hurry and annuals, I'd appreciate it very much. A lot of the "what's blooming" posts have dropped off the end of the forum.
I just found out I'm hosting this event two days ago. Yikes.

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The links in the blooming threads don't seem to be working ( my poor excuse for not updating May). But if you use the search box on the bottom of the home page and search "blooming July" in this forum, the July 2012 threads will be right at the top of the list.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Are you talking about cut flowers? Or blooms in the garden?

Hmm, my first thought was salvia Victoria. Love, love, love this!

But all my other thoughts (for annuals) seem to be short flowers, lol. Annual lobelia, heliotrope, ageratum, petunias (although these are usually more purple). Larkspur. Heavenly Blue morning glories might be beautiful.

Whites - zinnias should bloom by July, no? And echinacea? Hydrangeas (both blue and white). Clematis. Annual geraniums. Foxgloves and irises? Or will they be done by then?

Sorry, I'm not really giving solid ideas - can never remember when things bloom! I'm just throwing out random ideas which may or may not be helpful.

Dahlias usually bloom much later for me when I plant the tubers, but I do see lots of them in bloom in the garden centers much earlier.

Good luck! You are a good sport for hosting on such short notice!


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I went through my picasa web album looking for shots from July, and here's what I came up with:

Rudbeckia, some coreopsis, possibly second flush of nepeta, drumstick allium, russian sage,rose campion, Filipendula rubra, Nandina domestica, fairy rose, new dawn rose, butterfly weed, achillea, common thyme (might have been cut back earlier), overwintered snapdragons, clematis, and some day lilies.

I didn't remember russian sage being in bloom then, but the dates on the photos say that's the right season for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: my picasa web albums

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saypoint(6b CT)

Hey, guys, thanks for the suggestions, and for sharing your photo album. If the hydrangeas and New Dawn are cooperating, I should be OK for the wedding.
Not really such a good sport. My stepdaughter's father (yes, I'm married to him, at the moment) said she wanted to have a casual backyard party, barbecue, etc., so I said, sure I can do that. I figured we'd be playing cornhole, from what he told me. Once I said yes and talked to her directly, she wants a tent, dance floor, buffet lunch, flowers, tablecloths, the whole thing. She's going to arriving in a limo, wearing a gown. I'm going to have to rent a portapotty because my septic system won't handle 60+ people, and hire a caterer and serving help because there's no way I can do this alone. Plus she wants me to take her wedding pictures to save money. No pressure.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Oh geez! Well, my goodness, then you definitely ARE a good sport if you didn't say no after hearing all that! You certainly would have had the right, IMO, to back out on the grounds of committing before knowing what you were getting into, lol. I'm sure you'll do a great job and your garden will look wonderful!


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Cathie3078(6b MA)

You have your work cut out for you! I also had to get my garden ready for an early July wedding. After the rush of blooms in May and June, there didn't seem to be much left by then. Two weeks prior I enlisted lots of help to tidy up the garden, weed and freshen mulch. I bought lots of plastic clay colored pots and white geraniums (pelargonium) and grouped them strategically around the yard. They lit up against the green of plants and shrubs. The trick was having several groups. Not very original but they did the trick without costing too much. I was able to overwinter most of the geraniums for the next season and years later I still have the pots that get filled with my annuals of the seasons: pansies, zinnias, mums. If you do go with containers, remember to have someone water thoroughly that moring. July can be very warm. Just a thought. Good luck!

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