WANTED: Spring Swap: Food, supplies, etc

mrsfrodo(z7 OK)August 18, 2005

The Fall Swap is scheduled for noon to 3:00PM on Saturday, September 24 at the South Pavillion of Will Rogers Park in NW OKC at NW 30th and Portland. This is the same location as the spring swap, in "the castle". BTW- Sept 24 is a OU/OSU football free day.

This thread is for volunteers sign-up to bring food items and other supplies to the fall swap. Food is buffet style- bring your favorite dish. Other things needed are plates, cups, tableware, papertowels, soda, tableclothes (cheap disposable) nametags, items for door prizes. I am sure there are other things need- so volunteer to bring anything you think may be missing from this list.

If anyone still has tomatoes, one great idea (credit to goes to ????) was to have everyone bring their tomatoes. Then we can taste and compare and Taste somemore.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Sept.

Happy Gardening!

Here is a link that might be useful: map to swap

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We can bring no bake cookies and tuna pasta salad.

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owiebrain(5 MO)

We're down to only one running vehicle right now. Assuming it doesn't go the way of its recently departed relatives, we'll be coming. Since we're a few hours away, I'd like to stick with bringing whatever paper/plastic goods are needed. I'll also bring whatever tomatoes I have at that time for tasting.

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windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)

I'll bring the cups, small dessert plates, and the name tags. I have all those left from the last swap.
I will also bring any tomatoes I have at that time for tasting.


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I plan on coming and bringing my hubby....he doesn't really garden but he does cut the grass.

I'll bring some kind of cookies or a cake and some cheese and summer sausage or somekind of food that is easy to travel with.

Can't wait to see everyone....

Best Regards


Did not plant tomatoes this year...last year I had them running out the ears though LOL

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owiebrain(5 MO)

We're still hoping to make it. *crossing fingers* Before the swap, someone let me know what paper/plastic goods are still needed.

I'm not sure if I'll have any tomatoes to bring. My plants are recovering from this summer's drought--several tomatoes on the vines but none nearing ripeness yet. I keep telling them to hurry up!

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I'll bring a flower decorated cake as I did last year. I look forward to meeting once again with our local gardeners. I will check this thread as we get nearer to the date to see what else we might need.


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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

1 week to GO!

This is the list of who has volunteered to bring non-plant items:

PlanterMum- No bake cookies and tuna pasta salad

Owiebrain- plastic ware (as needed- see below) and tomatos.

WSG- cups, dessert plates, name tags, tomatos

Retrolady- cookies/cake and cheese w/summer sausage or other finger food

Shelia- Flowered decorated cake

mrsfrodo- chicken salad

We still need regular plates, plastic flatware, soda, and ice. Cheap table clothes for the food tables would be nice, but not required. Food suggestions: meat/cheese trays, rolls (for meat/cheese and chicken salad) veggie trays, homemade salsa, chips/pretzels, anything from your garden. There is power, so crockpots are possible.

Door prizes are also needed. There was ~$20 extra from the spring swap that can be used for some door prizes.

Would someone volunteer to be photographer?

I'm sure there are things missing from the list. Please, feel free to suggest items.

I can't wait to see everyone next week!
Until then Happy Gardening.

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suzanne_719(z6b OK)

I could bring some soda pop in cans. Please let me know if that is ok.


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owiebrain(5 MO)

I'll bring the plates and plastic silverware. What kind of quantities do you all think? Chips travel well so I'll bring some of those, too. (It's going to take us 5-6 hours each way!)

Oh, the stars of my garden right now are my chile peppers. I'll be happy to bring some if there are any chile heads in the group. Just let me know. Still waiting on tomatoes to ripen...

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owiebrain(5 MO)

Hubby just told me tonight that he has to work on Saturday. That means we can't go to the swap since we only have one vehicle in working order right now. :-(


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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

Got the call! I can pick up the key for the pavillion.

Suzanne, pop in cans or 2L is fine.
Diane- Sorry to hear you won't be able to make the swap. Hopefully you'll be able to make it to the spring swap.

There are still plenty of items to volunteer to bring. If you are interested, just post here.

Happy Gardening!

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mrsfrodo(z7 OK)

Picked up the key for the pavillion today.

I'm hoping that there will be people attending who have not posted- but I am excited to see everyone regardless.

I've got to rush home and start digging up plants- The frenzy is part of the excitment!

See you tomorrow!

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