Tub of Herbs (as opposed to Tale of a Tub)

wise1_ok(z7OK)July 10, 2005

Awhile back, I posted a message about galvanized tubs and using them to grow things in, especially herbs and such that would be eaten. Anyway, I thought I'd share a picture or two of the "tub of herbs."

Image link:

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Thanks. What herbs are you growing? EP

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Let's see. I have woolly thyme, lemon thyme, marjoram, italian parsley, oregano, rosemary and sage. I always wondered what happened to the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme without the oregano and other herbs too. I keep watering them during this hot, dry spell because I sure don't want the things to die, but they aren't really growing much either. Are they just all slow growers? Do you think I should cultivate a spot where I can plant the herbs directly into the ground and have a dedicated herb garden? Any advice is appreciated.


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I feel they will soon outgrow the tub. We have several Arp rosemary and they are small shrubs now. The others will spread too. Italian parsley is biennial. The seeds also have a good flavor for use in soups. Have been harvesting seed from ours. I also like lovage. The leaves have a strong celery flavor and the seeds also have a good flavor. That is a good collection. EP

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My herbs do best in my sandy soil with some filtered shade in the hot afternoons. And even though they don't like their feet standing in water, they do like to be misted. My Thymes and Marjoram do best in filtered sunlight and like to be watered often, providing they have good drainage.
I had a whiskey barrel filled with herbs several years ago. I set it at the edge of my patio by the back door so I could go out and get snippets of herbs for cooking, even in the winter. I put plastic over it when it got bitter cold. The patio is in the shade in the afternoons, and the herbs thrived.

I just hate it that EP is quitting the GW. I just love looking at all the beautiful photos of their gorgeous place.
Darn it to heck, anyhow!


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