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sammy zone 7 TulsaSeptember 21, 2008

I need advice on growing food, but love my roses. Here are some I would like to share.

Archduke Charles like Oklahoma.

Ballerina is happy here.

Traviata makes her/his statement.

Penelope looked pretty earlier in the year, then we realized the full effect of the tree that fell on her during the ice storm. At this time she is about 1 foot tall.

I really like Country Dancer

Sophy's rose is also pretty

Knock Outs. I cannot capture red well with my camera. If I adjust it for red, I am afraid that I will lose other colors.

I didn't click right, and copied Traviata twice. Here is Penelope.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Your yard is so must stop traffic! I love Ballerina, although I don't have it here....and the Red Knockouts are great, although I've noticed they really don't photograph as red as they look in person.


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Sammy: I have Archduke Charles. He's really bloomed his head off this year.

I love your Sophy's Rose. Is she a modern rose or an antique?

Ohh, and Penelope. MMMM. She's very pretty.


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caroline_2008(Z 6)

Your roses are just beautifull. About 3 years ago I had
a rose bed, maybe 10 roses, but the black spot drove me
crazy, pulled them all out and put in several Knock-Outs
scattered around in by my flower beds. They are blooming
great now. I have the single and double red. From Gardener

Happy gardening, caroline

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I love Archduke Charles! I think it's the deep pink, to medium pink, to light pink, etc. all over the plant. And they are very adaptable bushes which is good. I don't have any, but I do have Europeana (1st year, so they're still small) and Midas Touch...heavenly scent! I would love to put in more roses...and more veggies, too, if I could.

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Sammy your roses are lovely! I have couple of knockouts that are wonderful. A single blush in a garden bed and a double pink in patio pot. The single has done so well that I'm going to set the double in the bed soon. Please excuse the kitty butt! The plant is 3 times this size now and just covered with pinks!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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