Is this a correct ID for this hosta?

bkay2000(8a TX)August 22, 2014

I saw this hosta at the Dallas Arboretum in 2012 (lots of cutworm damage). I was there today and it survived, but looks terrible. The closest thing I can come to it is Clifford's Forest Fire. So the questions are two - Is it Clifford's Forest Fire and are all the photos of the same variety? (All hosta are either diminished or disappeared from the Dallas Arboretum, so apparently, survival means something.)





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Bk. there is a Hosta Forest Fire PP17644 and it sure looks like your pic. Beautiful hosta. Go to to find it.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Thanks, Mac. You are right. There was a little blurb further down the page, "Breeder: Clifford".

So, it's one and the same. Thank you so much for confirming that.

Now, the other question, could it be the same plant as in the last photo? Is it possible it deteriorated into that?


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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

Hi Bk,

I'll be very interested to see if anyone reports on how they have done with Clifford's Forest Fire. I tried it once, but (probably through negligence on my part) it did not survive.

Your close-up pic of the leaves reminds me of Alex Summers, one of my favorites, and a proven winner. You may have it already, but others attracted to this leaf pattern should consider it.


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They all look like they could be the same hosta. Just like Liberty can have a thin margin in its immature form, so can this one.

The plant was originally named Clifford's Forest Fire, but then the patent was applied for using only the name Forest Fire. It is a wide margined sport of Sagae so is the same parentage as Liberty and Ivory Coast.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Bkay- I believe that it did diminish over time. I had a Magic Fire that was just like that Clifford's Forest Fire. It dwindled in my pots as well. Give me LIBERTY or give me death. Magic Fire (like Clifford's Forest Fire) had a somewhat broader leaf, but never the wider beautiful margin of Liberty, over time, at least in my yard.


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Give me LIBERTY or give me...well, Sagae IS pretty nice : )

Don B.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Yes, Sagae IS pretty nice. Even a young one in a 2 gal pot.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Babka, my first cup of coffee of the day, plus that extraordinarily beautiful picture (Sagae is perfection!) has started my day off! I love your landscaping in that shot. Really love the size and style of the Japanese pagoda too! :-)


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Very nice photo, Babka. I love Sagae as well. Mine is about 3d growing season and is fairly large. It sets a lot of seedpods too. I'll have to check for fertility this year.

BKay, I'm discovering that some of my hosta are regressing as well. I do not have the Forest Fire hosta, or Clifford's FF either. But some I have are diminishing. Also, while some are flourishing okay, they have lost the typical leaf color in pots. None of my undulatas have much white IN POTS. I think I'll be placing all undulatas into the ground like I did the U. Albomarginata from my DH's garden in MA. It got its white margins back this year and really looks pretty good. I have no idea why being potted up made such a difference, but it did.

As for Alex Summers, it does very nicely here. It is in a pot.
I got mine as a gift with a Hallson order back in 2012.
I highly recommend it to you in your zone, BK, based on performance here in a pot.

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