Favorite medium piecrust edge hosta.......

sherrygirl zone5August 10, 2014

I'm looking to add a medium piecrust edge hosta to my garden. I am in zone 5 and would like to see some pictures and suggestions. Which ones perform best for you? The color doesnt matter to me, just like the form!


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Marilyn Monroe. Just beautiful in its simplicity.

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Key Lime Pie


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Sky Dancer is my only medium-size pie crust edge. This is 4 - 5 years old. Starts out medium blue in the spring. Prolific late bloomer with white flowers late in season. If you look closely, you can see the first bloom peaking through.

It has purple petioles


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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

Niagara Falls


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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Sherry, great topic. I like the pie-crusted ones too.

Emerald Ruff Cut

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Niagara Falls is XL, not medium. It's a beautiful hosta, though.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Another vote for Marilyn Monroe...this one gets a fair bit of sun...nevertheless, I feel she is beautiful. :-). Easy to grow...here is a pic from July.....and last September when in bloom...

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bchosta 8b west coast canada

I agree that Marilyn Monroe looks like a fabulous piecrust. Mine is small, but seems to be growing really well. Jo, your pictures really show off the plant!

As an alternative, if you are looking for a plant no bigger than medium, you may wish to consider Restless Sea. Whilst it may not be an archetypal piecrust, it certainly has plenty of ripples and wavy character!


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

These pictures are driving me crazy! It's 10:20 pm and all I want is to see my hostas! Busy weekend with family but tomorrow morning it's coffee and hostas....early!

Beautiful pictures, bar none!

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sherrygirl zone5

Thanks everybody for the pictures and suggestions! Now i can narrow down the search and get something all of you have and really like. On to shopping!!!!


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Sherry, ask about Paul's Glory while you are at it....

I think Marilyn Monroe is gorgeous. With all the ripples, she shows her white petticoats and her softly pink petioles. Then for a real kick, she throws in those unique purple flowers in several shades. There is a lot of femininity in that hosta.

Glad to see that Key Lime Pie looks so nice up in MN, Paul. The Squash Casserole from which it sported was bred for southern gardens, but they look great anywhere. I have almost all of those sports, I like to double down on something I know grows well for me.

And, to cover the topic of a medium favorite piecrust hosta?
Here is one of them, COLD HEART.
It is rippled and serrated and this picture was taken 8/9/14. It is holding its nice colors I think. There is a touch of cool blue in the heart of the leaf, which gives its name meaning.
I enjoy growing it.

I also like Irish Luck, which may get a bit bigger than a smallish medium, but it is a fragrant hosta. Taken after dark on 5-24-14 so the shine is even more pronounced. I fell in love with the dark green.

If you like a dark green shiny leaf that is definitely medium, then look at Candy Dish. It has the piecrust edge, the shine, the size, the dark green color. Just imagine there are no holes in the leaves....it has good substance, but I was beset with holes early in the spring. The photos in HostaLibrary will show you what you like best.

Here it is in April 2014

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I also agree with Mocc...I have Candy Dish, Cold Heart and even Bridal Falls that I was going to suggest as well, oh and Jimmy Crack Corn as well, then there is Queen of the Seas as well, but felt that out of all those MM showed uniform and consistent piecrusting the best of all.

I was also going to throw in Ginsu Knife because it has serrated, piecrusted AND wavy leaves!!! Again, MM stole the show. I will have to check tomorrow...to see what has changed since Friday!

More Fragrants are blooming and mama Plantaginea is scaping! I'll be going around sniffing...maybe I'll make a bouquet to enjoy up close....:-)

Happy hunting for your perfect choice!

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sherrygirl zone5

Thanks Mocc for the added suggestions! I have 2 Pauls Glory! One wasnt enough. Love your new garden!


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