Anyone near Tacoma Interested?

jwr6404(8B Wa)March 18, 2009

Tomato Plants should be available early April. I have 98 seedlings of 20+ different Tomato's. I will only plant 15 plants. I would rather give the balance to Gardeners than Toss them.If interested I'll post varieties. None are cherry types. Could be more as I have 2 varieties that haven't Germinated.


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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Note that in this climate tomato plants should be grown under cover until after Memorial Day. April is too early to be setting these out without protection - and probably without warming the soil first as well. Once chilled they may not ever give a full performance the whole season.

It might also be just as well to grow tomato plants under cover here all summer - these hot climate subtropicals do not like cool conditions.

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

I usually start and grow plants under cover. I have large cages which I fabricated for my containers. I cover the cages with 6mil vinyl plastic. When the plants get too large I will begin removing the plastic beginning at the bottom. This growing method has always served me well. This year the Mrs allocated me a portion of the raised garden,enough for 12 plants as she will not plant her usual 160 Cayenne Pepper plants. In addition to large containers I will plant in the ground under Tunnel covers and when they outgrow them they they will get a covered cage. Last year was the first year I never used covered cages and my Tomato season was a disaster. My Tomato selection this year is varied from early to late mid season varieties.


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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I set out tomatoes every year starting April 1-7 under TunLCovers, and they do very well, even under snow, until last year when it was so cool all summer my ripening was a month behind. This year I'm planning to make hoop houses for at least part of my tomato bed to keep them warmer and dry in the late summer rains, since we had so many last summer. I hope our weather is not permanently changing to the new pattern.

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sedum_gal(z8, Seattle)

I am definitely interested, Jim. I have a heated greenhouse.
I'm growing a BUNCH of different lettuce varieties, cippolini onions, basil and sweet peas this year---we should trade!
I get down to Tacoma about once a month...


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