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kpaquetteMay 5, 2010

I went away for a few days and came home to lots of new flowers! The daffs are finally done, my spanish bluebells are just starting, and the azaleas might pop any second. Everything blooming is purple! I swear I have other colors in my garden. haha.

Aquilegia Leprechaun

Clematis alpina "bettina"

Globemaster allium...still nothing from the poppies though

this guy looks pretty stunted...better luck next year?

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Aaaaaaah! Ohhhhhh! Beautiful.

So far I have a field of blue ajuga, some lefover tulips and viburnum tomentosum (wedding cake bush) and some raspberry wine dianthus. Also some yellow Kerria bush and few violas and a boatload of white and purple lilac. But no photos as I'm not sure how to upload to Gardenweb.


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spedigrees z4VT

I like your Spanish bluebells. They're pretty.

My alliums are still in the bud stage and haven't shot up yet, but we're some weeks behind RI. My dog stepped on one and partially squashed it. :-( Guess it may do better next year too.

Our daffodils have gone by too. I think the late April snow finished them off.

The apple and flowering crabapple trees are blooming in shades of pink and red. (Reminder to myself to buy more trees this fall.) They do very well here.

Wild violets, strawberries, and dandelions are everywhere and that's about it for blooms so far.

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corunum z6 CT(6)

Lovely flowers, kp, your columbine is so tall! My blues are up and out but are only about 10" high.

I'm in Glastonbury, CT - almost the center of the state - and folks here are remarking just how early things are blooming this year. True, for sure, but this morning I took a photo of a front garden from a similar perspective as I took last year which provides and interesting result. Memory is an interesting place, but digital photos clarify.

The dogwood here is now a few days past its prime and was no where as profuse as last year. Rhodys are out in some places about 3 weeks earlier, while the azaleas pictured below are running about 11 days early. (as an aside, the light pink azalea in the middle is about 52 years old and was cut back by 2/3 four years ago). If a plant is happy, it's happy :).

This photo was taken on May 16, 2009

and the same garden this morning, May 5, 2010

P.S. the holes in the front are going to be filled in with shrub roses that are coming this week.

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carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)

Wow, you're way in advance of my RI coastal garden. So far I have ajuga (a weed in the grass), red tulips and moss phlox.


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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

I posted some photos the other day showing what's in bloom. A couple of more have joined the party now.
Ajuga, Euphorbia, Broom, Camassia, Spanish bluebells, Doronicum, Bleeding Heart, parrot tulips, Vinca, Gazania, Gelsemium sempervirens, Allium Giganteum, lilacs, spirea "Bridal Wreath", chives, azalea, soapwort and primula. Just finished were the camellias, daffodils and tulips.

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Add to the above Lily of the Valley.

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What a pretty front garden, Jane! Yes, I think things are way early here. Carol, I'm in Newport - but we're way ahead of friends I visited in SE MA just a half an hour away. Their columbine hadn't shot up at all!

Bill, my Spanish bluebells aren't blooming yet - I have one that has a couple of flowers starting but the rest are still buds. But my spirea ("ogon, not bridal wreath) was finished about 10 days ago. I just pruned it last week. My azaleas look to have another week, maybe less, before I see a flower. Same with the baptisia.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Love that Aqulegia Leprechaun!

Slower here in SE MA - still in spring bulb season.

Azaleas and mid to late daffodils (Hawera and Fragrant Rose)

I've found a few locations where the squirrels haven't beheaded the tulips.

Tulip Carneval de Nice

Tulip Marilyn

Also in bloom: lilac, dicentra, epimediums, ajuga, berberis, wild strawberry, Waldsteinia (maybe), hellebores ending.

Buds almost open: cotoneaster, wisteria, very early peony, lily of the valley, viburnum tomentosum (rooted cutting from plant sale), geranium macrorrhizum.

When I look out I still see mostly green, but a lot of that is roses.


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spedigrees z4VT

Those red and bright pink azaleas are glorious, Jane and Claire. I've never had luck with them or with rhodies. I think maybe my area is too cold for them.

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ericofwebster(Z5 MA/CT Border)

Well, after bemoaning the lack of blossoms on my wisteria last year (and accusing the poor squirrels of being the cause) I am very pleased to share this year's display. The scent is truly amazaing.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Your wisteria is indeed beautiful this year, ericofwebster! My wisteria buds are just beginning to lengthen and haven't opened yet. I remember you talking about different methods of deterring squirrels - did you do anything particular?


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Who was it that used to do a thread of 'what's blooming this week?' ? I found that very useful. Maybe we could keep going week by week?

I'm in love with that C*lematis alpina 'bettina', kpaquette! Can you share where you purchased it? I noticed on the C*lematis forum someone said it was not easy to find. That aquilegia 'Leprechaun' is very tall! and is a pretty color plum.

Debra, I think there is a thread in the FAQ about how to post photos. Once you get the hang of it, it's really straight forward and easy. If you want to try it, start a thread, there are a few very computer literate people on NE forum that are happy to help. I would love to see photos of your g*arden. :-)

More dandelions here this year, too many.

You are earlier Jane! I like your fence garden. It sings 'Spring'!

My soapwort is just starting, Bill.

Love that tulip, Claire! I tried a pot of 'Orange Princess' this year and the squirrels ate 4 out of 10. At least they left me a few. [g]

Such a romantic swag of Wisteria, Eric! Great to finally get blooms when you've been waiting and waiting.

My photos are a week old. Daffodils have bit the dust with this warm weather. I had some late daffodils that I was hoping would last a little longer, but I don't think there are any left. Oh, I forgot, I noticed 'Mount Hood' still blooming yesterday. It has been in bloom a long, long time. It's in part shade, so I wonder if that helps. I should get more of those.

Dicentra started blooming on April 12th and are still looking good. Tiarella cordifolia has been blooming since April 28th. Veronica 'Waterperry' about the same. Daffodil 'Curlew' since April 12th too, and I just deadheaded it yesterday.

Also have Lilacs. Going along with the strange year, Syringa palibin is starting to bloom with the Syringa vulgaris. They usually don't start until the vulgaris is done. Have phlox subulata and phlox divaricata still blooming with pansies, Chives, one SDB I*ris opened a couple of days ago along with I*ris cristata. Aquilegias are opening. Primrose, Donova has been open a long time and drumsticks opened a few days ago. Geranium 'Karmina' and sanguineum just starting. Hellebores still have some blooms on them. Violas and Vinca are finished. Epimediums, Jack in the Pulpit, Pulmonarias, Trillium still blooming. Viburnum carlesii is done but maresii started a few days ago. Rhododendron 'Purple Gem' started over a week ago and 'Texas Pink' just opened.

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Hey Prairiemoon...the C. "Bettina" is from Avant Gardens. I was there a couple of weeks ago and I did see they had more. Mine was put in last year...I have three trellis panels and an arbor that it's on. I can't WAIT for it to take off! I have to say, I wasn't expecting much from it this year and but all but one have already put on about 1-2 feet, and they have lots of blooms! And they've grown a good foot at least so far. I love the purple and chartreuse against that dark green trellis.

Claire that Carnivale de Nice is amazing!

Eric I'm so coveting your wisteria. I've always loved it. Yours IS romantic!

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