Dicentra 'Valentine' (for diggerdee)

leslie6riMay 1, 2012


Here's the new bleeding heart... You can see the pink variety in the background. 'Valentine' really is red.

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Oh my golly gee. This has just been added to my mega must have or else I shall die list. I heart this more than my solid white bleeding heart.

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Ha! I've got one of those --the "mega must have or I shall die list".

I have pink and white bleeding hearts as well, and I love them all. They remind me of my grandmother's house. But this one was a great find. I saw it offered mail-order, but didn't trust that it was really red. When I saw this at a Rhode Island nursery I practically jumped up and down with excitement. Look at those red stems too!

And pixie lou, note the pinwheels in my garden. Nothing has so much as nibbled a plant since I put them in.

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Wow, that is really something. I have never even heard of this, never mind seen it.

Can't say I love it though. I guess I'm just too used to pink or white, and the red seems kind of odd. Or maybe not odd, but not in the usual "spring pastel" color range.

I've gotta admit, though - I keep scrolling back up and looking at the photos! I think perhaps it could really grow on me!

Thank you so much for posting this, Leslie. I do appreciate you taking the photos and posting. I was eager to see it.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

It's very different looking. I think I would enjoy it in a part of the garden where there were no pink bleeding hearts.

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Well - I shall not die. I just went to Russells Garden Center, and for the small price of $12.99, I am now the proud owner of a Dicentra Valentine.

I'm actually planning on trying to save seed from my regular pink Dicentra and from my sole white Dicentra. So I will probably try to save some seed from this one as well. I think if I plant one of my border gardens with alternating red and white Dicentra - that would look cool. And the pink babies I can continue to plant in the gardens that already havec pink Dicentra. Oh the planning, and I don't even have this one in the ground yet!

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terrene(5b MA)

That is a gorgeous Dicentra!

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Glad you found one, pixie lou. As much as I love the pink and white, I always thought there should be a red one too, and was surprised there wasn't. Bleeding heart, after all. So, now I'm happy.

My red one is at a corner of a raised bed with a white bleeding heart at the other corner. I like the two opposite each other. I do have a small pink one as well that you can see in one of the photos but it is a couple of feet away with plants in-between. I dunno, I don't really mind them all together anyway (but design is not my strong suit. smile). If they come out with a purple or blue I may pass on it, --but then again, probably not. I just love those bleeding hearts!

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