Best time to transplant?

linnea56(z5 IL)August 1, 2009

The hosta garden I planted 3 years ago grew much faster than my other older hosta bed which is under ash trees. No root competition, I guess. I want to dig out a June that is getting overwhelmed between 2 Gold Standards. I wonÂt be dividing it, just moving it.

Should I wait until fall to do this? If so, how late in the fall? Weather here has been unseasonably cool, in the high 60Âs and low 70Âs.

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With the cool weather we've been having, I've been okay transplanting now. As long as the transplants get sufficient water, mine don't seem to be experiencing much shock.

The problem that I have with fall planting/transplanting is that the plants don't have much opportunity to develop themselves in their new space before winter. With the large plant you're talking about, that might not matter. It will almost certainly come back either way.

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They can be transplanted almost anytime with the right care. I prefer early spring when the pips are coming up and they aren't leafed out - much easier to handle. I have moved them spring, summer and fall however. If they suffer shock they'll be good as new next year.

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bragu_DSM 5

I've planted them as late as late september, even october. When october rolls around, i usually just dig a hole and put the pot and all in the ground, then try to remember in the spring ... rescue it from the pot and go. Sometimes if the hosta is especially small to start, I leave it in the pot for two winters, allowing it to become root bound in the pot.


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I would move it now, I usually leave the end of the hose where I move the hosta/plants and let it drip (tiny drops) for a few days or a week or so..

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bernd ny zone5

I also live in zone 5, and in the past we had first frosts in the middle of September, the last years a month later. You should be safe to transplant any perennial for another 3 weeks.
Actually I just finished transplanting and dividing probably 10 hostas, and planted at least 20 new ones, had no problems with any of them. The weather is nice for planting here, only 2 days at 90 F, rain every 2 days, sometimes several inches.

I plan to buy and plant more hostas at a sale next weekend.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do it now if it pleases you

see link


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I am moving mine now. As long as you get large part of the root and kept watered well for few weeks they should not miss a beat next year.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Thanks, all. As soon as I can buy the other ones I want for this spot I will be good to go. (Sales, where are you??)

Thanks, Ken, for the tutorial! Very nice. I have never moved one before.

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shortlid(Derry, NH)

I have a cluster of hostas around a tree I remove din the middle of the yard. Looks weird without teh tree so I am taking teh bed out completely and re-sedding garsss in teh area. Can I replant the Marbled Hosta to a shady spot under some Hickory trees?

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